Several Methods For PoE Players To Obtain PoE Currency

  • Poe currency is very important in the path of exile. It is used to players trade items, strengthens equipment, skill gems, etc. If players want to go deep into the path of exile and need a lot of poe currency, then what method can we use To get the poe currency you need?

    There have been people in the poe player community sharing their methods to get poe currency. Players can learn from unique methods discovered by others or use more traditional methods to achieve their goals. They can use their last little money to buy some medium-value items and process them with their existing materials and then sell them to get more poe currency than the original price, just like doing business in actual life.

    How to Trade Poe Currency


    I'd recommend having at least 100c to start this off. Profit margins are slim, but it will be more lucrative, the more currency you have. Let's say we're flipping chromatic orb (not taking into consideration the current exchange rate):

    • List single chaos in a premium tab, set the price as 700/100 [Chromatic Orb], and purchase (Buy Order)
    • List a single chromatic orb in a premium tab, set the price as 100/600 [Chaos Orb], and sell (Sell Order)
    • Profit of 100 Chromatic Orbs per trade

    Players who don’t want to try the above method can also team up with other players in the same situation to complete some rewarding tasks. Although the larger the number of team members, the more difficult the task will be, it is easier for so many people to complete the relatively arduous tasks together. When they complete a certain amount of tasks, their funds are almost enough. Players can try some high-cost but more profitable methods.

    There is also a very traditional method with a certain effect that players keep doing ordinary tasks. Although the usage rate of this method is very low in current games, it is already the safest way to get poe items and equipment for players who are extremely short of money. Everyone understands that as long as they persist in doing one thing, they will eventually get extremely high achievements and gains. When they have money, they can go directly to a reliable agent to poe currency buy to carry out more interesting activities instead of doing boring things before.