Share Investor: Why Did You Buy That Stock?

  • My opinion - If Visa trendy boutique dips below $40 I will have to start a long position. The issue first received attention when people piled up paper towels, toilet tissue and hand sanitizer in their shopping carts at the start of the pandemic, leading some people to wonder whether they or a loved one were showing signs of hoarding disorder. Genting SP had been one of the better performer when the market rebounded since last week. Yesterday, I saw a group of shortists trying to short the stock when it gap down at 0.635 to only realized that the stock was as steady as a rock and rebounded back all the way to 0.695 as of now. As the pandemic sell down in March 20, I saw institutional players buying the stock and there was a surge in activities. Study the Top Volume and you shall see that the Singapore market is slow and weak while the US stocks are always dominating where a lot of big institution players are residing. Let’s see an example so that you can see just how important it is.


    Try to avoid buying such a company if you can. All of a sudden, you don't hear much about swine flu or news out of the company. So when we are discussing the ways to increase the performance of our trading then the most important thing which comes out is that one trade only on research-based tips . After many years of trading experiences, my philosophy now is more into one stock, one shot, one kill and one great profits. Until then, FAS is the one to trade. I worked alone usually in a cafe where I have a cup of coffee and gain inspiration while then watching the market and then deciding finally which stocks to trade when the market is opened. Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) - Shares of Sirius XM Radio have resistance located at $1.00, $1.02, and $1.10. I followed their buy activity and managed to get 12,000 shares total at 41.35. The stock then slowly rose and until today, it shot through the roof with almost 270% to date.



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