Stock Market Analysis: 12/21/10

  • Some of them may not be giving out high dividends but each year they have been giving out dividends during good and bad times consistently without fail. I had about $5,000 to buy new unique boutique s; $4,531 from the sale and $500 from dividends that were accumulated in my account. Creating the sign up for us to invest up to $500 hundred for each person and group them together as a group of 60 customers. A start-up technology company is likely to be a growth stock. Tucked away inside of FVE is a high growth rehabilitation concept, Ageility, that is growing quickly and only requires $20-30k of upfront start up costs per new location, it could be quick to scale. He brings that experience to a business that operates at scale - it is the 5th largest nurse and physician staffing firm in the US - but has never been managed aggressively. Largest comp AMN is a 10-year 10x via levered acqs.


    I covered both AMN and CCRN as an associate 2004-2006 and back then CCRN was always the smaller and not-quite-as-put-together as AMN. Now I have added back sufficiently that my position is the same as back then. In fact I have added to it this year! To get into it, I will have to make a writeup sometime in the future. Like plastic bags, narratives are easy to construct and hard to get rid of, and they drift around our minds long after they've outlived their purpose. This type of policy breeds speculative and dubious rallies, but what they inevitably trigger are boom-bust cycles such as the ones we saw in 1999-2002, 2006-2009, and the current one we are in today. What I did this time was like in past corrections, I have opportunisticly added to some formerly small positions and initiated a few new ones. Tesla (TSLA), another popular Nasdaq stock, also got clobbered Tuesday, closing down more than 21%. The car maker was snubbed by the S&P after many investors expected the company to be added to the index. I have also added to EUPIC, SEC, IEHC, KARE. Analysts have majority “buy” or equivalent ratings on 11 of these 15 stocks; however, most of the stock have gotten ahead of the consensus price targets.



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