What does the distribution of Steam levels look like?

  • It should be distributed the same way as the gap between the rich and the poor in society! Even bigger. St4ck, the first place, is far ahead of the second place by more than a thousand levels with a level of 5000. There are less than 10 players above level two thousand. Basically, when you reach level 666, you can rank in the top two hundred. In the League of Legends standings, you are the strongest king.

    Of course, these are only a few representatives, after all, we can only find the top rankings. Among the many Steam players, most players are not high-level, and some players who have played for four or five years maybe around 30. Of course, these are because players put their time in the game, and ignore the Steam level, a playable game.

    This game can be seen from the results of more and more players seeking the Buy Steam Level Up service. You can see it in the number of Google search results. There are even specialized companies such as MMOSO that provide this service for players.

    The steam level is like a card game. Players obtain some of the dropped Steam trading cards through playing the game, and then find the remaining cards needed to synthesize a certain badge from friends or in the Steam community. When you gather all the trading cards needed for the badge, you can synthesize it. Then get 100XP and the badge. A random emoji and profile background, as well as a chance to get discount coupons for games and DLC.

    The items obtained by synthesizing badges can be used for your own use or placed in the Steam market for trading. If you get rare cards and items, then you may be able to trade money to buy a new game. This is also one of the important reasons why some players are keen on Steam Level Up.