STEAM upgrade guide

  • How to upgrade the level?

    At present, the experience can only be obtained by buying games or synthesizing badges. The experience that can be obtained by buying games is too little, and the main way is to combine badges. Each time you synthesize or upgrade a badge, you will gain 100 experience, from 0 to 10, each level requires 100 experience, 10 to 20, each level requires 200 experience, 20 to 30, each level requires 300 experience, and so on. I personally think that level 30 is relatively cost-effective. It unlocked 3 showcases and 400 friends, which is basically enough.

    How to upgrade the level efficiently and economically?

    Finally, we have come to the point. After all, there are only a few local tyrants on steam. Most of them hope that the money will be spent on buying games, such as levels, it is best to spend less money to Buy Steam Level Up. Of course, I am usually very busy at work. I can't spend the whole day in the community market like some student parties, buying low and selling high to make a difference. So here is a summary of how to upgrade the level relatively efficiently and economically.

    The first is to buy more games. Of course, you have to buy a card that can drop the card. Generally speaking, in the steam special offer, you can buy it directly under $2, and then pay more attention to the charity package. If it is just for the card, buy all The basic package is enough, and if you spread it out, each game is less than $2.

    Then there is the strategy of synthesizing badges. Each badge synthesis is 100 experience, but the cost required is very different. Some good-looking badges, or badges of popular games, the cards required for synthesis will be very high, and there are also cards for a few dollars. of. Some badges that don't look good, the cards needed for synthesis will be very cheap, and there are many seven or eight cents. Since our purpose is only to upgrade, we don't care whether the badge looks good or not. It is suggested here that the dropped cards, whose price is higher than 0.5 US dollars, are sold directly on the shelves, and they can be sold at the market price. For those below $0.5, consider leaving a synthetic badge. In the end, on average, not counting the money for buying the game, the cost for every 100 experience should be around $1, and it only costs $15 to upgrade to level 30, which is the price of a game.

    Synthesizing badges will get some other things, mainly game coupons, profile page background, and emoticons. My suggestion is that if the coupon has a great discount, you can buy one or two dollars after the discount, and you can buy it to continue with the card. In the background of the information page, the good-looking ones are kept by yourself, and the unsightly ones are directly decomposed into gems, and the expressions are all decomposed Orb. Orbs can be used as booster packs, booster packs can be sold or flashcards can be opened by yourself.

    How to upgrade quickly?

    Speeding up means increasing costs. So go directly to Google Search Buy Steam Level Up, find the relevant business, and upgrade it quickly for you. Here is the recommended website:, it may not be the cheapest, but the most credible and safe.