Steam badge introduction

  • The popularity of Steam can be seen from its player usage. There are endless discussions about various games in the community, but those players with high steam levels in the community are very dazzling. You will agree with him more and want to see his understanding or guidance of the game. But the corresponding badge of the game can better reflect his professionalism.

    The badge is tied to your account and will be displayed in the player's profile, reflecting the collection of trading cards you have collected or the activities you have participated in. Of course, in your profile interface, you can enter your badge page from the badge option in the drop-down list of your name to view the badge you are about to make, as well as detailed information about him, when you collect the trading card of the badge After it's complete, you can click the blue Make Badge button to have your badge.

    The biggest advantage of badges made with trading cards is that you can get your Cheap Steam Level Up because you can get 100XP. In addition, you will get random emojis of the game, random profile background items, for the community, and chat discussions with people.

    In addition to playing games, you can get Steam community badges by completing some basic tasks on Steam. For example, the service year badge obtained on the anniversary will provide more experience points. For players who want to Buy Steam Level Up, they will also choose to buy or trade the corresponding trading card of the badge, and synthesize the badge to upgrade. The player with the first rank is awarded the exclusive blue parrot badge, which is the best gift.