Data confirms that animals cross the most popular villagers

  • Animal Crossing: Nearly 400 villagers in New Horizons can use the player's island to live in. Although almost every animal crossing enthusiast will definitely like one or two, this list allows you to view the five most famous and most popular villagers shown by the search data.

    One of the most enjoyable elements of Animal Crossing is an island full of cute villagers, with which players can make friends. The ACBellsBuy store is to help players ACNH Buy Bells become one of the most popular players. Some players even spent a few hours jumping around on the mysterious island, looking for the ideal villagers they dream of perfect, but among the 391 animal friends, what is their favorite?
    Data collected by the Blue Planet Aquarium shows that the villagers who most need animals to cross are villagers. This data was discovered by analyzing the names of villagers that may be the most searched. Among male and female villagers, 60% of users will look for the latter.

    Zucker from Octopus Village will be the highlight. This lazy villager is based on the popular Japanese snack Takoyaki, which originated from a slightly sick person. Each village chief has an exclusive story, and the player Buy Bells Animal Crossing is one of the ways to increase story fragments. However, since the advent of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in 2012, he has been a fan favorite.

    In New Horizons, there are only three octopus villagers, and surprisingly, there are two octopus villages on the list. However, the rare species of Marina and its sweet demeanor is an obvious choice. The initial slogan of the ordinary type is vague. It sounds a bit silly through such cuteness, and it can also be said to help her charm. Marina is well located because it is one of the most popular villagers.