Disabled Path Of Exile Player Says They Were Banned For Using N

  • In the topic, they explained the necessity of using macros due to disability caused by industrial accidents. Since then, the player admitted that they made up the story, and the developers of Path of Exile contacted TheGamer to confirm that no one was banned. The actor admitted that he lied about the ban on Reddit posts deleted by the host and claimed that it was false information.

    In recent years, accessing games has become a hot topic. When it comes to games that anyone can play, many large games, such as Naughty Dog’s "Our Doomsday 2", have become more diverse. Obviously, this is a good thing for players and the entire community. But this seems to bring new problems. One problem is that players are prohibited from entering the "Path of Exile" due to the use of basic macros that the developers believe should not be allowed.

    The user "poelegalthrowaway00" posted a post on Reddit in which they described how Path of Exile had banned them from using macros. In this topic, they explained the need to use macros due to disability caused by industrial accidents. "After an industrial accident, I cannot use one hand and some fingers on the other hand. I use a mouse and 3 foot pedals to operate on the computer." For those who may not know, the macro is incidental Sequences, such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, or delays, can be played back to help perform repetitive tasks. They can be assigned to buttons to relay sequences that may be difficult to run.

    The user explained that the way they play "Path of Exile" is: "In the game, you have to refresh the POE Currency to enhance the effect every 3-8 seconds. In fact, I cannot press 4 every few seconds. Buttons, so I use a macro. "Automatically take action for me The user has been banned due to this macro. They now want to know whether there is a legal basis for finding a lawyer to resolve the ban.

    In response to one of the comments on the initial post, users admitted that they had been exposed to the game when they started playing the game and were told that it was impossible to play the game without Buy POE Orbs, and believed that only competitors and streamers would Was banned, so they decided. Until the recent ban, everything is fine.