Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Upgraded MCS card content

  • The annual Madden Bowl adds a lot of Madden 21 Ultimate Team content. On Sunday, news revealed that four upgraded MCS promotional cards have been added to the "Final Team" mode. These include Ezekiel Elliott at the Dallas Cowboys headquarters and Jacksonville Jaguars guard Shaquil Griffin. This is all that MUT can now use to upgrade these rosters or develop new cards for themed teams.

    Madden 21 Ultimate Team’s latest promotion is part of the Madden Bowl content. This is part of the annual Madden Championship series, where a skilled gamer will take away the belt, bragging rights and some Madden 21 Coins . At the same time, MUT fans will benefit from the reduction in content, including four new MCS cards, each with an overall rating of 98.

    Leading is Elliott of the Cowboys, because the star central defender has 97 steals, 97 acceleration, 96 dribble, 96 speed and 95 agility points. Those 95 "direction changes" and 94 "freight" attributes will not suffer any harm. This is Zeke's best card since the release of the 95 OVR Team Standouts project a few months ago.

    Joining him is corner guard Shaquil Griffin, who is now a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The cover of the 98 area is part of his card, and it is grade 97 in terms of speed and acceleration. The stars in the regional coverage area will also receive 95 game recognition, 94 jumps and 94 rush runs to help second place. Last but not least are the wide receiver Allen Lazard and free security officer Justin Reid. Buy MUT 21 Coins is the best way to improve yourself in the game.