If you don't possess an test message and someone right-clicks y

  • If you don't RuneScape 2107 gold possess an test message and someone right-clicks you, there will be no test option. And please be aware it's a language barrier, if you write something like::P off you:o noob! Then a message will come up stating: Perhaps your message ought to be a bit more appropriete. After all, we do not want people examining you to find the words: *swear* you noob! I'm also sure that individuals WILL unfortunatly bypass the swear blocker, so Jagex im frightened must make a new rule: Report Offensive Examine. I hope you like the idea and encourage.

    I posted this in official forums also, so if you like the idea, I would appreciate either a bulge or comment there too. Quick find code is above: EDIT: I believe Sal's forums are busier than official now, I have not gotten 1 response yet there in more than 4 hours... I just got tired of this spamming in the bank, and that I figured I would head to rogues' den to fletch, and even Emerald Benedict was spamming up the den about a fall...

    There must be a better means of letting folks know there is a drop in the party room, besides bankers spamming up the bank with"10k drop in 2 min!!" To mepersonally, a 2m drop is hardly worth the effort of trying to enter a party area in fally full of a million ppl, idiots opening and shutting doors so you can not get in, and getting booted off the server double as the drop happens, even though I myself have contributed to the fall.

    I believe I can cheap School RS Gold honestly state that the greater majority of High-leveled players could care LESS about drop parties being declared, particularly for such small sums. I understand why the change was executed, so that ppl couldnt attempt to possess personal fall parties or RWT, but it really is too much.