Exploring maps in Escape from Tarkov can be intense

  • Exploring maps in EFT Roubles can be intense, particularly in case you're new to the game and you still can't seem to acquaint yourself with the design. In no territory does this ring more genuine than in the Woods, which is fairly confounding and hard to navigate as a result of the trees and lopsided ground that create the landscape. In the event that you need assistance snatching plunders for Escape From Tarkov exchanging this woods, here's a short guide.

    Before we close in on the guide's significant areas, here are a few things players need to know first when they decide to be or accidentally wind up in this guide. To start with, this is a Normal guide. That implies it's one of the simpler guides in the game, with Shoreline being the other one lolga.com. The a lot harder ones are known as Insane guides, which are the Factory and Customs.