Don’t worry, more Animal Crossing updates are coming in 2021

  • PraiseHolo clarified in the Reddit string that they were resetting their island to attempt to get a blue air terminal and dark streetlights, in addition to other things. "After numerous resets and playing the beginning journey around multiple times (up until the overhauled occupant benefits so I could check the streetlight tone), I understood I was just getting green streetlights, and after some more resets I saw that additionally occurred with other furniture in the Nook Stop too, for example, the teacup ride Animal Crossing Items. Subsequent to burrowing through certain individuals' Nook Stop pictures, I calculated the furniture shading isn't altogether arbitrary, they're tied in a gathering, and the streetlight tone is bolted with the air terminal tone, and that is the reason it was outlandish for me to get dark streetlights AND a blue air terminal."

    I, when all is said and done, have a yellow air terminal, and everything in the picture coordinates to what I have in-game (down to the more modest arrangements of furniture that go together independent of the air terminal tone, delineated in the ruddy tone and purple in the picture). In any case, some Reddit clients answered to PraiseHolo and said that they had various shades of the bite machine specifically, and keeping in mind that the majority of us at GameSpot found that our things coordinated PraiseHolo's infographic, we likewise had one individual with a tidbit machine inconsistency.