Explaining Definition Essay in a Nutshell

  • A definition essay is a piece of writing that is written to explain a concept or a term. Some words have concrete meanings like glass, table, car, etc, while some have vague meanings like truth, honesty, love, etc. The aim of a definition essay is to not only define the word's exact meaning but to expand it and elaborate the reason as to why a word is defined in a particular manner. Definition essays are used in academic writings to explain a topic or concept. In this article, we will learn about definition essays.

    What is a Definition Essay?

    Definition Essay defines a term or a concept. It is the same as an expository essay in which the writer provides information about a term to the audience. This type of essay can be evaluated from the exact meaning and the point of the subjectivity of the person defining it. Any kind of support for Definition Essay Writing Help is provided by BookMyEssay.

    3 Steps to Writing a Definition Essay

    • Introduce the readers to the term being defined
    • Give clear and basic information
    • Always provide examples, anecdotes, etc. to make readers understand

    Topic Ideas For Writing a Definition Essay

    The key step to writing a definition essay is to choose the idea for the essay. You need to understand the term and make sure that it's easy to understand by the reader. You can get the definition from the dictionary. Explain the term in your own words. The most important thing is to limit your term before you start defining it.

    For terms like love, honesty, money, power, and friendship you can write forever. To limit what you write, you need to limit your term to romantic love, platonic love, first love, etc. Students can get Essay Help Online easily through BookMyEssay.

    Outline and Format of Definition Essay

    The outline and format of a definition essay are similar to typical essays. It has an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Here is a detailed idea of its format.

    1. Introduction: The introduction should start with a precise statement, open-ended question, anecdote, a fact that makes the subject of the essay clear to the readers. There should be a precise thesis statement.
    2. Body Paragraphs: Next is to create a definition of the term. The definition can be made more understandable through facts and examples. Just use the examples that best define the term and are understandable to the reader.
    3. Conclusion: Give an overview of all the things discussed in the body of the essay. Restate the thesis statement in other words. Use the attention-grabbing sentence to conclude the essay.

    Dos and d Don'ts of Definition Essay

    • Do read over the prompt
    • Don't forget to look for formatting requirements
    • Do research
    • Don't be shy, ask for help
    • Do make sure to find a good place to write
    • Don't take time for granted

    Definition Types that Can be Used in the Essay

    There are 7 types in which you can define the term

    1. Analytical: Break down the term into smaller pieces and define these pieces in particular.
    2. Classification: Define the term on the basis of from where it belongs or from the point of view of its class.
    3. Comparison: Compare the terms or concepts or their parts against each other
    4. Details: Terms can be defined on the basis of their details
    5. Negation: Explaining the term by telling what it's not
    6. Origin and causes: By explaining the origin, background, and causes of the term
    7. Results, Effects, and Uses: Define the term using its causes, results surrounding the term.

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