How to unlock the May Day maze of Animal Crossing for new playe

  • From April 29th to May 7th, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will once again host the May 1st Maze event. During the event, if players can successfully complete this event task, they will receive exclusive prizes. Since the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the May Day event is the next repeating holiday celebration in the game, which will be held every year. During the May Day event in 2021, some changes have taken place in the maze. For the player, the maze becomes more difficult and unpredictable. During the May Day event, players through the login window will have the opportunity to use the free air tickets obtained at the airport to visit the special May 1st tour island. On this island, players need to solve a hedge maze puzzle. If the player can go to the end of the maze like last year’s game, then he will have the opportunity to talk to Rover and receive the bonus.

    If the player can complete the familiar Animal Crossing: New Horizons activity tasks, such as making items, digging trees and plants, smashing stones, vaulting horses, collecting resources, etc., the player will be able to traverse the maze. However, once the game starts, players will not be able to return to Wuyi Island, so all steps must be completed in one visit. If the player makes a mistake in each activity, or will miss the opportunity to pick up the bell vouchers on the entire island. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Items restart the maze, reset it to its original configuration, and try again. However, the player needs to spend some money to restart the maze. Therefore, when traversing the maze, players need to ensure that they save enough Nook Miles to cover the cost.

    Players need to use their Nook phone and call the rescue service to start the "May Day" labyrinth of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This service will cost players 100 miles each time they are used. After the player pays the fee and decides to start, they will be taken to the end of the maze and all progress will be reset. Players will not have to worry about navigating the new layout when resetting, because the maze will not change.

    When you restart the maze, there are no consequences other than a fee. Therefore, as long as the player has Nook Miles, they can reset the number of times as needed to ensure that the puzzle is solved and the game is completed. It is especially useful to restart the game if the player finally uses the resource too early or when it is not needed and gets stuck in a maze because he no longer has the required resource.

    Once the player has completed traversing the maze, they will have the opportunity to communicate with the familiar blue cat rovers in previous Animal Crossing games. The blue cat roamer will reward players with prizes. After the player arrives, they will also be able to re-enter the maze and receive Bell coupons, which can be exchanged for Bell in the future.

    If you completed the "May Day" maze of Animal Crossing: New Horizons last year, this year you will also receive a photo of a roamer as a new award for 2021. This photo can be hung in your home or somewhere around town as a decoration. You can also customize the frame, and even provide a short biography of Rover just like other framed villager Nook Miles Ticket photos. However, if you participate in the "May 1 Labor Day" maze for the first time this year, you will not be able to get a photo of this roamer. However, you can get the bonuses offered in 2020 and the Rover Briefcase.