Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.9.0 Update with New Special Vil

  • Next March 20 will mark one year since the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. On the occasion of the anniversary of this successful title that has swept sales and has accompanied us during all these months, Nintendo has decided to publish a new free update.

    From March 18 it will be available to download and thanks to it you will have access to a long list of news that will help you to give a new touch to your town, to decorate homes or even to invite new neighbors to settle in some part of the island.

    The new Sanrio-inspired animals
    If you are one of those who from time to time you want to see new faces among the residents of your town, at the end of March you can buy the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration pack, which will contain six amiibo cards that will be used to invite special Insulans to the area of camping and thus speak with them so that they settle in the island.

    Of course, if you already have ten neighbors, you will have to ask one of them to leave to make room for one of these six new animals. Additionally, new items based on Sanrio characters will be introduced, such as Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and Pompompurin.

    New Animal Crossing items for and give and take
    Just for the simple fact of downloading the update, all players will receive a first anniversary cake in exchange, in order to celebrate this event in style. In addition, you can also buy a silk doormat on TeleNook, while those subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online can request a Nintendo Switch Lite within the game itself and choose what color they want to have.

    There will not be everything, because each season new items are introduced depending on the festivities that take place around the world. For this reason, taking advantage of the upcoming ones, you will soon be able to order these items on TeleNook and the Handy Sisters:

    • Joke cushion: from March 26 to April 1 on the occasion of the Day of the Jokes.
      End of year dance clothes: from April 1 to 30
      Forsythia tree: from April 1 to 10 on the occasion of Arbor Day
      Terrestrial Globe: from April 15 to 22 on the occasion of Nature Day

    And if that wasn't enough, starting on March 28, the Egg Hunt returns, so once again you will receive a visit from Coti Coneja, who will ask you to collect all the Easter eggs that will be hidden on the island. However, as a novelty, a few new items will be added to purchase from the MiniNook.

    More ways to exploit everyone's imagination

    Those who like to make their own designs are in luck, because the new update will bring new improvements for the Nookófono. The most important of them is that the space to house designs will be expanded with 100 new spaces for you to store all your creations, of which 50 will be reserved for your designs and the other 50 for professional designs can be unlocked with Animal Crossing bells.

    The other novelty is that you will no longer need to go to Hermanas Manitas to access the design portal, because the other improvement of your mobile is an application to use it from anywhere on the island, which will be a good way for you not to you have to take so many walks.

    Finally, in the next few days Nintendo will launch a web page where you can upload your photos and decorate them with new tools to create a kind of postcard. In this way, if you work hard, they will become a magnificent welcome letter for those who decide to visit your island.