What Is Seamless Aluminum & Extrusion Tube

  • The extruded aluminium tube has a better pressure bearing than the extruded aluminium pipe. The texture of the seamless tube is more uniform. The chemical composition of the welded tube will be a little burnt at the weld part, so the mechanical performance is slightly worse than that of the seamless tube! But not very different! If it is used for bending pipes, it is recommended to use seamless pipes! Welded pipe is easy to crack! It’s okay if the bending radius is relatively large. Next, we are going to see the diff


    Extruded Aluminium Tubing

    Aluminum extrusion is an aluminum alloy procedure by which a die with a clear cross-sectional profile is compelled. The pressing of toothpaste from a tube can be similar to aluminum extrusion. A strong ram drives aluminum into the die and emerges from the opening of the die. It comes in the same form as the die and is drawn out around a run-out table. The method of aluminum extrusion is relatively easy to grasp at a basic stage. The force exerted can be compared to the force that is applied as you press a toothpaste tube with your fingertips.


    The opening of the toothpaste tube basically has the same feature as a die. The toothpaste would emerge as a long solid extrusion because the opening is a solid circle. In the deformation area, the aluminum block in the extrusion process is heavily pressurized, which gives full plasticity and large distortion. The extrusion deformation increases the composition of metal products concurrently Mechanical properties of extruder products after tearing and aging are significantly higher than the mechanical longitudinal (extrusion) properties of similar products, particularly for aluminIum block with an extrusion effect, given by other processing methods. Extrusion is also very versatile.


    Seamless Aluminium Tube

    Two processes are used to manufacture hydro smooth tubing. A hollow aluminum billet is pushed into a Die and Mandrel Press with great force at high temperatures. The other way drives a sturdy billet into a Piercer Press and then pierces a mandrel and extrudes a second forward billet. Irrespective of the technique used, the tube would not have a weld or seam, so it is suitable for anodization and other processing.


    The aluminum hydrate produced during the production of a seamless aluminum pipe needs continuous extrusion and is dehydrated into sand troughs during the extrusion process. There shall be no rolling crack in the circular aluminum rod for extrusion to avoid sand hole on a smooth aluminum tube. The sodium content in the purification fluid must not be held in a damp setting, roughly 30 percent and the ion content must be rigorously regulated in the aluminum cleaning solution.


    Seamless Aluminium Tube Advantages:

    No sold seams favoured for vessels under pressure

    More also anodising presence, especially on heavier wall sections

    No seams that can divide during shaping operation

    Enhanced structural stability