Titans performed well in Madden 21 mock draft simulation

  • For the upcoming 2021 NFL draft in the offseason, we have seen about one billion mock drafts for the Tennessee Titans in the offseason, but the drafts completed by people on Sporting News differ completely from what we have seen. Jordan Heck of Sports News used the popular Madden NFL 21 to put together two mock drafts. Before starting, Heck updated all the roster to the current version and added MUT 21 Coins to the draft class in 2021, and then the AI general manager completely decided on the selection results to simulate the event.

    Therefore Titans can stand out. Overall, Jon Robinson of artificial intelligence ranked 22nd. He chose Liam Eichenberg, an offensive tackle from Notre Dame, and experts usually plan to investigate in the second round. This draft pick will be within reach, and this move will drive Titans fans crazy after the collapse of Isaiah Wilson last year. It would be a more solid move to catch Eichenberg, who expected to be the next-level starting left tackle, on the second day, because he may be Tennessee’s long-term answer to right tackles, and maybe off the line.

    In the second round, things became more fertile. Computer Jon Robinson abandoned the intelligence part of AI in this choice and drove Javonte Williams out of North Carolina. Although Williams has all the tools to become a good professional player, he is not suitable for the Titans at all. The Titans have already served as a star for Derrick Henry and spent the third round of the draft pick in Darrynton last year as Madden 21 Coins.

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