Tips For Saving Your Floor Tiles When It Has Cracks

  • Practical treatment methods for floor tile repairing. Due to its strong decorative, hard, waterproof, and convenient handling, ceramic tiles have a very high household usage rate. However, they are also prone to cracking, hollowing or falling off during years and daily use. So next we will teach you how to rescue a cracked wall and construction techniques skills.

    Cracks can be covered with tile paste

    For the first time tile paving, there are often high-demand users who use tile paste as a grout. It can produce a visual effect that is almost the same as the surface of the tile, and it is available in multiple colors, hard and wear-resistant, so it can also be used to repair obvious The cracks play a role in covering up.

       Hard objects are broken, use toner to make up

    When you accidentally damage the surface of the tile and cause scratches and other problems, if you find it troublesome to replace the tiles or you can’t find the same style of tiles, you can use marble glue and curing agent, use toner to adjust to a similar color, and fill in The vacancy on the porcelain surface is polished and polished after hardening, but this approach may cause different degrees of color difference.

       Floor tile cracks are recommended to be chiseled and attached

       If the damage of the brick is so serious that cracks appear, it is recommended to replace the old brick directly. Be careful when chiseling the brick. It is recommended to hire a professional worker and then stick the same brick. This will work best.
    Construction tips

      The first time the tiles are laid, they are usually carried out on a large area, and there are many professional workers responsible for the construction. So when you repair the tiles on a small area, what should you pay attention to?


       Pay attention to the decontamination of the base surface, pay attention to moisturizing

    Anyone who has used the sticking hook knows that the sticking surface must be cleaned to make the sticking stick sticky longer. When repairing the peeled tiles, you must also pay special attention to the decontamination and cleaning work of the contact with the base surface to clear the floating dust; at the same time, because the tiles are laid for the first time The tiles must be soaked in water before, and the tiles can be watered and moistened to ensure good adhesion.

       evenly spread and need to be flattened

    Whether you use cement or special tile glue, you need to be full and even when brushing. Pay attention to the level, right angle, and smoothness between adjacent tiles. Finally, check whether the color and pattern are consistent, and clean the surface of the tiles. Don’t forget. The caulking treatment.

       The expansion joint is reserved after full exhaust

      Use a rubber hammer to repair the bricks and fully exhaust to avoid basin-shaped depressions and hollow tiles; in addition, if a large number of tiles are replaced, 2-5mm expansion joints should be reserved when paving.