The decoys themselves would be made from wood

  • From the options menu appears a new button called"Switch level". You can choose if you want to RuneScape gold demonstrate your total or combat level by pressing this button. (When in CW, bountyhunter or other combat related miningames it automaticly changes to fight )(standard would be battle, like today ) What would be the point of this proposal if it occurs? (Macki). To let eachother know how great you are. Like wearing a partyhat.

    This thought just kind of came to me. Basically, it would be something you create which will take part of the damage for you. There would be some type of exploration you go on to learn and be in a position to make decoys. I had been thinking it could be broken up into parts, like Recipe for Disaster. You finish small chunks at one time and gain a few small chunks of decoy knowledge.

    The decoys themselves would be made from wood, leather and silk. You would make them using fletching and crafting. Fundamentally, fletch 1 or two sets of logs to produce the decoy body. Then add the tanned hides and silk, using needle and thread. Anyone with a small amount of fletching know-how would theoretically know how to make a human-like sculpture. Thats where the quest comes in. Decoys would have to be made collapsible. Thus, the whoever/whatever in the quest would teach you .

    The type of logs used in decoy making would impact how much health the decoy has. I think a base of about 15-20 with normal logs to approximately 50-60 with magic/yew. The decoys would only be statues... so, whoever you're fighting will only hit the decoy about 50% of the time (it wouldn't be able to be utilised in whatever player vs. player, creatures only, for example some quest creatures and some of the boss ones such as the KBD or whatever they've today ). There would also be Best OSRS Gold site some sort of way to enchant the things, either someone from the quest or a new magical spell. This way, it might work 75%-100% of their time.