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I want to kiss my favorite sex dolls

  • What different emotions do women feel when these parts of women are kissed by men?


    When you hold hands, it's also smart to hold hands and kiss each other sometimes or kiss the palms of your hands. It's more like an impromptu vow to keep the secret of love in your heart.

    Lotion and perfume on sex dolls hands are too bitter, please. When you kiss passionately, you'll want your whole hand to be swallowed. Kiss your palms, damn love, it has a warming effect.

    There is a couple who are tired of love and are at the crossroads of breaking up and getting married. One night, when a man was kissing a woman's palm, he suddenly put the ring in front of his eyes with his mouth, put it on his girlfriend's ring finger, and dreamed of love, which lasted for another hundred years. My good friend smiled and said: Fortunately, it is not as big as a "pigeon egg" and can be successfully launched from the mouth and then put down.


    Do you have a strawberry around your neck?

    When you're young, leaving Hickey is as much a statement as it is an act. But as we age, beauty may be more important than "appearance." After a man kisses your neck, he will leave marks, but he will feel embarrassed.

    To get rid of this, kissing the neck is like a prelude. A whistle that extends from the face to the front of the body. Especially when you lick the neck and hair on the neck, the whole back of the male sex dolls for sale will become soft. When the man's hand moved from his back to his chest, which is a necessary scene in literary films, his head turned in a low voice. Even using your buttocks to feel your man's "excitement" is wonderful and wonderful foreplay. Women always pay attention to the maintenance of the neck, but they hope that when the romantic moment comes, the neck can be as smooth as porcelain, so men are willing to go down the mountain, gradually reach the peak, and can enter.


    There are many people who love their feet. Knees, thighs, calves, ankles, soles and toes are all hot spots.

    The love doll looks at the beloved with jade-like eyes, feeling an indescribable sense of satisfaction. Take a musician's favorite instrument, play it, make people wish, always enjoy it with your eyes closed while kissing his feet, like a sex doll's feet and a man's lips. So entangled together.

    People who like to rub their toes are also impressive. Some people say that the person who dares to kiss your toes is the one who truly loves you.
    Kissing breasts is a necessary step in sex. Whether it's a "ball" or a "raisin," a woman will visibly tremble. Let’s take a look at the different emotions of kissing our love doll’s nine parts…


    Kissing breasts is a necessary step in sex. Whether it's a "ball" or a "raisin," it will make a woman visibly tremble. Some people can reach orgasm by kissing their breasts, saving them the trouble.

    When a man kisses your breasts, do you touch his hair and look at him? Either close your eyes and soak in the atmosphere, or hug your back with your legs and rub it all the way, or squeeze your breasts with your hands and give him mouth enjoyment, please pray. Now the wholesale sex dolls are the devil and the mother.

    Only the rich image of motherhood can accept the hearts of many people, the intricate and reliable contact of breasts, and the warmth of lips.


    Cheeks are usually very exciting because this is when a man is closest to you. The moment you see your soul clearly through your eyes, the small flaws on your face, at this tender moment, your smile, are nothing compared to your eyes. For you, in the face of love, a crazy man, even if I swallow your eyebrows, I want to eat you. Who knows if you might meet someone you covet? Beauty should not only be seen in the person in front of you.