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Seattle's defense is in the top 10 for both the pass and run

  • Seattle's defense is in the top 10 for both the pass and run Mut 24 Coins. The Seahawks maintain constant pressure in the middle and off the edge, and hammering quarterbacks who are serving it up to a solid secondary. Chris Clemons and rookie Bruce Irvin could make up the league's worst pair of edge rushers. They utilize their speed to get close to the quarterback. Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane clog up the interior and typically get push into the backfield. It's going to be a challenge for Washington to stop the Seattle front seven that will be an improvement over the unit that the Redskins defeated last Sunday night.

    Because of RGIII's mobility issues, Washington will have to threaten Seattle by air. However, the Seahawks have one of the most effective defensive backfields available in Madden NFL 24 which is and are led by Richard Sherman, who will be available following the appeal to overturn a Madden NFL 24 suspension. Sherman leads the team with eight interceptions . He could be playing against Pierre Garcon, Washington's biggest threat outside of the numbers. Garcon has provided a huge contribution to Redskins passing game, bouncing off a foot injury and producing a variety of huge plays down the stretch. However, Sherman along with the secondary and the offensive rush can be a tough challenge for RGIII.

    As the no. 2 overall selection, Griffin received much of the attention of the nation early in the season, but Wilson's play match-ups his play down the stretch. The Seahawks played conservatively early in the season, but Wilson was able to make big plays when he was called upon. The second half was a different story. Wilson has become a proficient passer in the pocket , as well as on the move and keeps defenses on their heels and developing relationships and a rapport with Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. He isn't prone to errors The season ended with 26 touchdown passes Cheap Madden nfl 24 Coins, and only 10 interceptions.