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Perhaps you've already encountered some of these remnants

  • During Gielinor's Second Age, the world changed into ruled with the aid of OSRS gold an empire the likes of which had by no means been seen. The areas now known as Asgarnia, Misthalin and even the Wilderness all once flourished underneath the banner of the Empty Lord. With the grand metropolis of Senntisten at its coronary heart, this civilisation washed over Gielinor like a sea, pushing the boundaries of magic and technology, even as crushing and subjugating any who stood in their way.

    Fast forward to these days, the Fifth Age, and you received't locate a great deal trace of this ancient empire. Indeed, Saradominists and Zamorakians alike have spent many lifetimes pursuing efforts to purge all remnants of it. However, small remnants of this fallen empire stay, for folks that recognise in which to appearance.

    Perhaps you've already encountered some of these remnants. Maybe you've met the colossal Nex, sealed in the back of the Frozen Door for millennia. Or perhaps you've visited the bandits of the Kharidian desolate tract, the final human followers of the Empty Lord. You might even have encountered a few mysterious Mahjarrat hidden away under those identical sands. However, there are different elements of this forgotten empire that even you received't have encountered, which include a mysterious vault deep inside the desert. This is wherein our story starts…

    Below are the subsequent stipulations that you'll want to OSRS gold for sale have fulfilled so that you can participate within the quest.