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The opening week of 2013's Madden NFL 24

  • The opening week of 2013's Madden nfl 24 Coins Playoffs begins and will end with what is probably on paper, the best game ever played. The Seattle Seahawks, playing perhaps the best football in the league go to the United States to take on The Washington Redskins, winners of the seven previous games. Much of the focus heading into the game will focus on the head-to-head contest between two quarterbacks who are rookies, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Both have made a case for the Madden NFL 24's Rookie Of The Year award, but victory during the afternoon game on Sunday Maryland is certainly the greater prize.

    With Seattle's final-month dominance, the Seahawks are home favorites against the NFC East champs. The Seahawks' five losses this season came on the road, and RGIII should have one more week to rest and recuperate from his knee injury. The 2011 Heisman recipient was clearly hampered during the Redskins' final two games in the regular season. He was wearing a large knee braces that hindered his speed when running through the backfield. Wilson avoided serious injuries during his first year and gained strength each week, bringing the Seahawks moving forward ahead of the postseason.

    The Redskins start the postseason on an unbeaten streak of seven games, coming back from a 3-3 record at their bye and climbing toward the top of NFC East. Griffin transformed on the fortunes of an franchise that hadn't made a postseason appearance since 2006 He also had one of the more boring offenses in the Madden NFL 24. RGIII was an instant success and enthralled the Saints in Week 1 and following up Mut Coins Madden 24 as the newly appointed captain in the final stretch.