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Nexon claims to have created 'precise ideas

  • "Nexon claims to have created 'precise ideas, style, plot, storyline, characters Dark And Darker Gold, and plans for the sport'—nearly none of which is challenge to copyright protection," the letter states. "even as the actual expression of plot, tale line, and characters simply can be protectable, copyright doesn’t protect concepts, genres, or 'plans.' Nexon’s loose treatment of what is and isn't always copyrightable is a walking subject matter throughout its Takedown word."

    The letter asserts that Nexon is fixated with former worker Ju-Hyun Choi, who Nexon reputedly alleges is the person who without a doubt "misappropriated change secrets and techniques." but no matter nearly two years in both criminal and civil courts, no evidence towards Choi has been produced, because of the reality he did now not in reality take some thing on his manner out the door, claims Ironmace—or even if he had, it is a completely separate dispute, unrelated to copyright issues.

    There's masses of prison talk in the letter to reinforce Ironmace's position, which includes case law citations, code and asset evaluation, or maybe a regulation and Order-esque "fruit of the toxic tree" reference (a idea which copyright regulation reputedly might not apprehend). I'm now not a prison expert, however taken altogether it truely seems convincing. Even more compelling from a layperson's factor of view, even though, are a few tough truths Ironmace's lawyer drops approximately the fantasy style and videogames in modern.

    "A medieval-style delusion dungeon crawler has a constrained universe of manageable assets from which one may pretty select," the letter states, like a dagger to my heart. "There’s a purpose almost every game that has ever explored this style skills reanimated skeletons, trolls, spiders, and the alternative usual dungeon denizens cheapest Dark And Darker Gold. There is not whatever great about sport designers choosing a number of the same scènes à faire property in constructing such a sport."