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Beginner's guide to crafting in Elder Scrolls Online - Crafting

  • Crafting allows you to get new gear in The Elder Scrolls Online without needing to hunt for it in dungeons or whilst adventuring out in Tamriel. This guide will cover the seven different crafting professions in The Elder Scrolls Online, including what they can make and which resources they use. We will also cover Inspiration, which is what you need to level up your crafting professions, and how to level up each skill quickly.Crafting is a core part of The Elder Scrolls Online. You can certainly choose to avoid it — but you’ll be missing out on a lot of Elder Scrolls Online Gold and tons of great gear. It’s also a great way to keep your equipment up to date and recycle unwanted loot.

    Crafting skill lines in ESO

    No matter what you’re interested in making, ESO gives you the ability to make it. From heavy armor and helms to mage robes and potions, here are the different crafting skill lines in The Elder Scrolls Online — along with the items they’ll let you create:

    Alchemy: Craft poisons and potions using natural resources found throughout Tamriel.

    Blacksmithing: Use ore to forge ingots, then use your ingots to create blades, armor, and other metal-based items.

    Clothing: Combine different types of cloth and fibers to weave together new Light and Medium armor.

    Enchanting: Craft glyphs that are capable of enchanting armor and weapons by combining runes gathered in the wild.

    Provisioning: Cook up a meal or brew a beverage using ingredients gathered — or stolen — from your surroundings.

    Woodworking: Carve staves, bows, shields, and furniture using a variety of woods and resins.

    Farming Character Optimization

    The best option would be creating a character that is optimized for crafting and farming. Therefore you will not need to spend any skill points on your main character for crafting. Lets calculate how much skill points you would need if you really want to have all crafting related skill lines maxed out.

    Alchemy: 20

    Blacksmithing: 25

    Clothing: 25

    Enchanting: 21

    Jewelry Crafting: 17

    Provisioning: 23

    Woodworking: 25

    Items Quality and Upgrading

    Each item in Elder Scrolls Online has different “quality”. You can identify the quality by the color of the name. The lowest quality is Normal – white title, and the highest quality is Legendary – yellow title. Legendary items are rare, strong and are very expensive.

    You can create items with different quality. For example provisioner can use recipes with different quality and thus produce food with different quality. An Enchanter can also create runes with different quality by using different rune stones.

    Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworkilng allows you to improve items increasing their quality. That's not about crafted items only. You can upgrade any item you find in the game. For example a Woodworker can increase quality of any bow. Upgrading process will increase its characteristics. The greatest thing about this is that it’s possible to improve any gear you find.

    Crafting Certifications

    To get certified in the base game crafting professions you will need to go to the starter city for your faction and find the master crafters, Millenith in the fighters guild and Danel Tellano in the mages guild.

    Each crafter will give you three missions which you will need to complete one at a time. Each mission will certify you in one of the crafts, and once you have completed all six missions you will be able to do daily writs from the boards found in any major city.

    For jewelry crafting you will need to find Felarian near the crafting area in Alinor in Summerset.

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