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Genshin Impact Mora Farming Guide - How to make money quickly

  • When adventuring across Genshin Impact‘s open world, players will want to have plenty of Mora at their disposal as the currency is crucial for leveling up characters and taking on tougher challenges. There are several ways to get the currency but in this guide, we’ve narrowed down the best methods for farming Mora quickly to ensure you’re stocked up in Genshin Impact Account .

    Opening safes

    There are 4 different types: ordinary safe, delicate safe, precious safe and luxury safe. Locate them quickly with the interactive Teyvat map.

    Collecting wooden crates

    You will find them near beaches and watering holes. The crates reappear daily and are also listed on the interactive RPG map.

    Destroying artefacts

    Destroying 1, 2 or 3 star artefacts is a quick way to recover Moras.

    Finish all the quests in Genshin Impact to get as much Mora as possible

    Genshin Impact There are a variety of quests to choose from, including main quests, side quests, character quests, escapades and more. Each one offers generous rewards, including gold and Moras.

    Completing the Battle Pass

    You can complete weekly and daily quests such as collecting ores, cooking or doing dungeons to increase the level of your Battle Pass and thus collect numerous rewards including Mora. It is renewed with each update.

    Utilize codes

    Perhaps the easiest way to get Mora is using one of Genshin’s many codes. Every so often, Mihoyo drops a new string of numbers and letters that will grant you a form of in-game currency (typically Primogems or Mora). If you’re on the hunt for them, make sure to pay attention to Special Programs and maintenance periods related to new updates, as Mihoyo typically is most generous when rewarding players during rollout periods for new updates. Lucky for you, we’ve got an updated list of all Genshin Impact codes for your perusal.

    Exchange Stardust

    Another way to buy Mora is through the Stardust Exchange, which we cover in depth in our Starglitter and Stardust guide. You’ll earn a fair amount of Stardust through wishing, and you’ll be able to exchange it for Mora in the Stardust Exchange tab of the Paimon’s Bargains Shop section. 10 Stardust will net you 10,000 Mora, though you’ll only be able to purchase 300,000 Mora at this price per month. Once you’ve hit that limit, the price will double.

    Exchange Realm Currency with Tubby

    If you’ve reached Adventure Rank 30 and set up a Serenitea Pot, you’re likely already aware that you can buy Mora from Tubby, your handy housing assistant. Through the Realm Depot menu, Tubby sells 10,000 Mora for 120 Realm Currency, which is a pretty great deal considering the fact that Realm Currency accumulates on its own once you have furnishings in your Teapot.

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