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Many FIFA players believe he is more impressive

  • This is one reason for his rating to rise dramatically in a short time, from FIFA 23 Coins 89 up to 91 in only a year.Lewandowski is a master striker! With a height nearly as tall like Benzema and slightly higher strength, Lewandowski can easily compete in terms of speed and acceleration to any other player who was mentioned previously.

    A lot of players consider him even better and would easily rate him at 92, which is most impressive in the sport. His ability to build up his game along with his passing ability would be a guarantee of such a position.However, if you're in the market for a reliable striker with the ability to play for long periods it's a good alternative to Mbappe.

    A lot of FIFA players may not be conscious of how skilled this Korean player is, especially when it comes to his shooting abilityBeyond his incredible speed and acceleration in passing and dribbling, his passing capabilities are equally impressive. When you consider that he is a left winger He could make an excellent teammate and provide additional attacking capabilities.

    His stamina might be a bit stronger, but there's plenty of stamina to last for days, so keep an eye out for him.Ronaldo and Messi were once some of the top player in league, however, as Lionel Messi has a short size and is a bit short, only Cristiano Ronaldo can be described as a solid lengthy player.

    This could be Ronaldo's final season in the top-tier ratings of FIFA Buy him now, in case not for his remarkable stats, then at least for his legendary reputation.If we're talking about serious disadvantages, then the one thing that Ronaldo is lacking in his game is his passing skills , which are in need of improvement.

    Van Dijk is currently considered to be among the most effective center backs in FIFA 23. Achieving such a huge reputation is not easy, but when you look at his the strength, stamina, and overall defensive skill, it's not surprising.Van Dijk may not be the fastest for the first ten meters of running, but once he gets moving, nothing will stop Van Dijk, making him an amazing player of length.

    A few players who were fortunate enough to use him in their league will assure you that he's indispensable as a defensive player. Salah is a tremendous right winger and has one of the highest numbers of scored goals in the career of a single player.

    Many FIFA players believe he is more impressive than perhaps Lionel Messi, and would put him in a higher rating on 91, based on his speed, shooting and, of course, dribbling. Note that most of his goals cheapest FUT 23 Coins are easily scored without a box, due to his incredible ball control.