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Elder Scrolls Online Is Adding A Moving Ship Player Home

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Gold is finally adding a moveable ship player home, using some clever trickery to make it feel real. Rather than the boat physically sailing along a path, the environmental surroundings around it'll move, if you hop from the ship at any point, you may be left behind as you're overly enthusiastic about the water.


    "Fair Winds [is a] player house that's something we've never done before, it's really a literal moving ship." lead community manager Jessica Folsom said. "The view in the crow's nest is amazing - to not be missed. See if you can spot some Ornaugs playing inside the waves from the distance. It will appear sometime following your launch of Necrom, and you can give it a look on the PTS in the future."

    The live crowd went wild for the announcement, cheering in excitement. This is something fans have long wanted, but considering that eso gold for sale is virtually ten years old (meaning it is run on an older engine) simply just being able to add moving boats in the background with High Isle, looked like a pipe dream. Using some of this aforementioned clever trickery, now it is possible, and fans over about the subreddit are simply as ecstatic.

    Those Ornaugs Folsom mentioned are lizard-like dogs, often pets for the Dreadsail pirates. If you can obtain them, it is likely you wanna stay away - there can be a raiding party some distance behind. Luckily, player homes usually are safe, so maybe you won't get bombarded and robbed by a bunch of angry Maormer. Probably.

    There is worry fans have though - the purchase price. Expensive player homes will vary from 6,200 to 15,000 Crowns, which if we're referring to bundles, would equal £74.99 to £109.99 (the 14,000 and 21,000 Crown packs, since cheaper packs are simply under the required Crowns amount). A moving boat is a big leap for player homes, and something of the most unique designs yet, making it likely its pricing will reflect that.

    "Cool," u/DataOverlord said. "Hate to trust how much it can cost though." u/XpertRebel111 replied, "$50 and also a kidney". Others are expecting around $100, though there isn't any official word yet. Some are longing to hope that it will be associated with a quest or perhaps purchasable with in-game gold. Better get busy with those trading guilds.

    Aside from price, fans are plenty excited to finally obtain a player home this way, with many even indicating that it reminds them of The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, where you could buy a boat to fast travel with. That might stop the case here, but reaching sail around in your customized boat is neat yet.