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Design your individual Lost Ark emote within this Maykoko Fest

  • When you are considering MMOs like Smilegate’s Lost Ark, the most alluring quality an activity can have is its community outreach. Including fans when creating decisions or during fun events sets such flash games apart from the remaining market. Lost ark Gold has now involved its community in the Maykoko Fest, a month-long event by which players earn rewards, and also the newest Maykoko Fest can be an emote design competition allowing fans to build their own Mokoko-themed expressions.

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    Smilegate has now addressed all heroes of Arkesia, proclaiming that the Maykoko Fest is earning a fun art competition involving player creativity. Fans are able to submit personal Mokoko-themed emote designs for any prize. While the award itself is no in-game exclusive or money, it requires the player’s art to be uploaded in-game as a possible official emote for many to use.

    Joining in is thankfully available for all, whatever the time played. Submissions might be sent from the official Lost Ark Discord within the “Mokoko Emote Contest” thread while using the image of your artwork attached (JPG or PNG under 25 MB).

    Be guaranteed to get your emote designs made by the beginning of next week, since the contest last from May 22 through June 12. Following the final submissions, Lost Ark’s team will pay out some time selecting just 10 finalists.

    After the finalists are actually announced, the city will be involved as players opt for their favorite designs via reactions on Discord from June 16 to June 23. The top 5 emotes, as voted for by fans, can be implemented into Lost Ark. I am excited to find out what creative players produce for this cute contest.

    If you would like to read more concerning the game, be likely to check out lost ark gold’s newest class or check out other new MMOs to experiment with if you are a fan of the online go-through it offers. Hopefully, more games continue the popularity of community inclusion during contests and events.