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How Story Express works in Lost Ark

  • The MMO Lost Ark incorporates a long-winded campaign that may have players traveling across various regions so that you can pursue the titular Lost Ark. Completing this once using your primary character is definitely an arduous task — looking to complete them again is usually a brutal endeavor. Thankfully, developer Smilegate RPG has implemented a head unit in Lost ark Gold called Story Express: here’s the way it operates.

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    What is Story Express in Lost Ark

    Story Express is presented in Lost Ark being a limited-time event that may streamline the leveling of only one character nearly iLvl 1340. Once Story Express has become completed, characters will get 1,500,000 silver, multiple rare card packs, cosmetic rewards, along with a slew of assorted materials for Strongholds and character progression alike.

     While this offers rewards for completing the story plot of Lost Ark, you’ll still walk around and sort out the campaign as normal. Story Express isn't the same as the Powerpass — it only offers increased rewards for players that happen to be creating new characters to consider the advantage of new classes.

    How to choose a character for Story Express in lost ark boosting service

    Upon logging into Lost Ark using a character, open the Event Quest window and select ‘Story Express’ for the second tab. Only characters which have not yet completed the On the Border quest in Rethramis meet the requirements for this speed-leveling mechanic. Select one of the characters presented — if you need to roll a brand new character, such as a new Artist, this is surely an ideal chance to do so. After selecting your character, select ‘Start Event.’

    Log through your current character, and into the character that has become designated as Story Express. Select the character, and you'll see a purple banner with all the words ‘Story Express in use’ to tell players that this selection worked. Log in to the character, and initiate working the right path through the campaign even for more rewards.