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Genshin Impact Fan Shares Concept for Liyue LEGO Set

  • A Genshin Impact accounts fan has shared their particular concept for any LEGO set in line with the game's Liyue Harbor, full of iconic locations and character miniatures. The popular RPG from HoYoverse has seen a good amount of unique and inventive fan creations across a multitude of mediums from stunning skin concepts to beautiful animations.

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    Some fans of the game have even taken their fandom one step further, creating real-life tributes towards the RPG depending on popular characters. Now, one fan is proposing a whole new LEGO set depending on one of the game's most recognizable settings.

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    Liyue Harbor is undoubtedly an area genshin impact accounts players will visit frequently during their time in the industry of Teyvat. The second chapter from the game's main Archon Quest heavily requires Liyue with players returning to the city frequently for events such as the annual Lantern Rite festival. Liyue Harbor is usually home to several recognizable locations from the towering lighthouses at the metropolis's pier to shops like Wanmin Restaurant. Now, Liyue could be the subject of your fan's proposal for any Genshin Impact-themed LEGO set.

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    Reddit user Dr_Sev shared their proposal to get a Genshin Impact LEGO set focused around Liyue Harbor, petitioning to have an official set depending on the game. The LEGO set features several recognizable locations from Liyue including the town's main lighthouse, along with the Crux Fleet's Alcor anchored at its shores. Several small stores are made using LEGOs as a part of the set's platforms with stalls selling many different items. The set would include miniature LEGO figures based upon several iconic Liyue characters like Beidou, Xiangling, and Xingqiu amongst others.

    The proposal comes through LEGO's official "Ideas" forum featuring fan recommendations for LEGO sets to get official products in the toy line. According to the Reddit post, the "Ideas" forum can take fan suggestions into mind if a set proposal can reach 10,000 supporters with the project page. The Liyue-inspired Genshin Impact LEGO set currently boasts under 600 supporters through LEGO Ideas. Fans planning to back the project can perform so by setting up a free account with LEGO and utilizing the "Support" option on the project page.

    While Genshin Impact's proposed LEGO set would possibly not become official in the near future, fans have shown their constructive creativity both in-game along in the real world. The game's Serenitea Pot housing system has seen lots of unique fan creations from extravagant set pieces to tributes to beloved games. Fans have even already used LEGOs in creative solutions to show their fascination with the RPG, crafting stunning Genshin-themed LEGO creations. An official Genshin Impact-themed set from LEGO is usually a hit with fans of every age group.