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Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Shenhe

  • Shenhe is amongst the best buffers in Genshin Impact accounts. However, players must realize how her kit functions to maximize her utility. It's important to remember that Shenhe is just effective as a Cryo buffer, so units along with other Elements won't fully take advantage of her kit.

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    Moreover, Shenhe's utility in genshin impact accounts for sale differs from other characters sticking with the same gameplay, for example, Bennett and Kujou Sara. While they scale with Base ATK, Shenhe scales with your ex-total ATK, and therefore ATK% stats are crucial for her kit.

    R5 Effect: Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 12%. After Elemental Skill hits a rival, the loses 3 Energy but regenerates 5 Energy every 2s for the following 6s. This effect may appear once every 10s. Can be triggered even when the is not about the field.

    With a Base ATK of 565, the Kitain Cross Spear, being a 4-star weapon, is a good addition to Shenhe’s kit since she heavily depends on ATK scaling. The spear also provides Shenhe by having an efficient strategy to recharge her Elemental Burst by granting her around 15 Energy at the cost of three Energy when she casts her Elemental Skill.

    Lithic Spear

    R5 Effect: For every character from the party who lives in Liyue, the smoothness who equips this weapon gains an 11% ATK increase plus a 7% Crit Rate increase. This effect stacks approximately 4 times.

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    The Lithic Spear tends to make a good Polearm choice for Shenhe in Genshin Impact. Its high Base ATK, with the 27% ATK Secondary stat, boosts Shenhe’s ATK and increases the Cryo DMG buff she provides along with other characters. Additionally, if Shenhe is supporting Liyue characters, she'll get additional ATK based on the number of Liyue units. Fortunately, one of the better Cryo DPS, Ganyu, lives in the land of contract, which means that's a simple two stacks of Lithic Spear.

    Wavebreaker’s Fin

    R5 Effect: For every point of the full party's combined maximum Energy capacity, the Elemental Burst DMG of equipping this weapon is increased by 0.24%. A maximum of 80% increased Elemental Burst DMG may be accomplished this way.

    As a 4-star weapon, Wavebreaker’s Fin holds one with the highest Base ATK in Genshin Impact. A whopping 620 extra Base ATK is perfect for players who want to stack ATK. However, do not forget that this weapon can't support Shenhe's Energy requirement.