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Lost Ark: How To Get The Eternity Isle Island Token

  • The Eternity Isle is not merely any old island in Lost ark Gold. This island is just about the more difficult islands within the end-game that can require a fairly dangerous. Prior to beginning your adventure here if you would like to be successful, it is important that you level up to what you can.

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    There is a chain of tasks you need to complete for this island until you are given the Island Token. While this effort is pretty straightforward, you will find high-level enemies as well as other secret points this is why you will need an advanced level.

    This island is located inside the Sea of Heavens, East of Felton. This island includes a high difficulty rating meaning you'll be unable to complete what you happen to be further inside the end-game. It is suggested that you have something level of 802 just before upgrading your ship to sail here. There are various quests and rewards for this island that can keep you distracted for quite a while.

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    Like every island, you need to first talk with the first NPC you observe when you arrive to take delivery of a quest. The quest you'll be given is known as The Secret Gates. In this quest, you might be required to investigate suspicious places as well as these places will likely be shown in the spotlight. The place which is not shown on the map is referred to as The Oasis. Towards the center of the map, you will notice a tree connecting two components of land with raging waters under it. You will cross this fallen tree and notice your icon inside the mini-map will go into the empty area.

    You continue to the ledge and find out a glowing icon you must talk with. Once you get connected to it, your character has decided to look for clues from the water. From here, head to your other 2 marked locations into the spotlight and communicate with the glowing symbol. Once these 3 locations are simple, head for the entrance in the spotlight, nearby the purple symbol, and accept the purple quest called [Open Seas] Sea of Procyon from Guard Jave.

    You will have to find the NPC Mari and create a rapport along with her. One of the quests is titled Folded and Unfolded. You must report to Sasha that Mari was the one that smuggled resources from Nebelhorn. Once you speak to Sasha, it is possible to complete the quest. Continue to make a rapport with Mari by offering her legendary gifts and glide over the 4 basic numbers of rapport.

    You will get silver for a Normal rapport. You will get a potion, silver, and 4 entrance tickets to the secret laboratory if you have reached an Amicable rapport. The next level may be the Friendly rapport which you get the Mari card, some entrance tickets, and gold. Finally, if you've reached the trusted rapport, you get the island soul, vitality potion, as well as an epic judgment rune.

    Mari's quests called Highly Pure, Prickly, and Lonely requires 300 Courage and 300 Charisma prior to having access to them. However, if you give her gifts, you'll be able to bypass those requirements. Keep in mind that all gifts should be legendary and also the same type. Depending on

    Once you see how many gifts you will have to give Mari, you will get connected to her and present her with the said volume of the legendary gift. Once you gift her, she could give you the Eternity Isle Soul, Vitality Increase Potion, and Judgment. Mari will be the second-longest character in the game to create daily rapport with.

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    There are various island token rewards including costing 5 tokens to 95 tokens. In total, you can find 19 rewards, and each of them improves in desirability using the increased cost. You can talk with Grandpa Opher to see what rewards are for sale for purchase in substitution for the island tokens.