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Best Weapon Substitutes For Mika In Genshin Impact

  • Weapon substitutes for Genshin Impact accounts’ Mika are plenty, because of how versatile he'll be in a team comp. The 4-star Cryo hero from Mondstadt is probably the new addition with Version 3.5, combined with a 5-star mercenary from Sumeru, Dehya. Dehya, however, premiered in Phase 1, whereas Mika was added with all the Phase 2 character banners. In a team comp, the guy can assume the role of whether damage buffer support through his Elemental Skill or even a healer through his Elemental Burst. He can also be a hybrid, though exercising both tasks might make him tougher to make.

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    Regardless of the role, the young member from the Knights of Favonius runs on the polearm in combat. Due to the weapon type’s vast availability, there are numerous weapon substitutes that Genshin Impact’s Mika can employ. Mika does adhere to a weapon trend in Genshin Impact, wielding a different tool for fighting: a crossbow. This, however, won't influence how he plays out and is also simply a pleasing design since its damage output is calculated and determined by his normal stats, such as ones made possible by the equipped polearm. Luckily, Mika can equip a variety of weapons, from 5-stars to F2P (free-to-play) options.

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    Firstly, players make the decision if they want the operating to be a healer or even a damage buffer into their team comp. If he or she is to be a supporting healer, their priority really should be finding polearms that grant him extra Energy Recharge, that they will take selling point of with his Elemental Burst’s uptime. The first most suitable option is Raiden Shogun’s best weapon in Genshin Impact, Engulfing Lightning. This is the very best weapon replacement for Genshin Impact’s Mika due to the incredible Energy Recharge sub-stat (55.1% at level 90). The problem is that the 5-star polearm only appears in limited-time weapon banners.

    As such, the most effective immediate 5-star weapon replacement for Mika in Genshin Impact is Skyward Spine. The polearm includes a higher base attack stat (674 at level 90) than Engulfing Lightning (608 at level 90), at the cost of their Energy Recharge sub-stat (36.8% at level 90). Despite its lower Energy Recharge rate, it is always an excellent weapon for Mika to make use of in his healer build. This gains much more traction when it comes to it can be obtained throughout the standard banner, and also through unlucky 50/50 pulls within the weapon banner. Because of their wider availability, Skyward Spine is really a solid choice.

    Hu Tao’s signature weapon in genshin impact accounts, Staff of Homa, may be the way to go if players are applying Mika as a damage buffer within their team comp. This is because of his Elemental Skill, in charge of providing the buff scales off HP. Unfortunately, the Staff of Homa will be the only 5-star polearm that grants additional HP, and it's not even by having a sub-stat but a weapon skill. As such, this could be the only 5-star weapon replacement for Genshin Impact’s Mika when he could be used as a buffer. No other polearm in this particular tier can focus on his necessities.

    Best 4-Star Weapon Substitutes For Mika

    For players in search of easier options than 5-stars, the 4-star tier contains many weapon substitutes for Mika in Genshin Impact. Because his healer builds rely heavily on Energy Recharge to hold his Elemental Burst up and ready, the initial choice players should consider would be the Favonius Lance, which is still among Genshin Impact’s best polearms. Though this weapon only drops from banners, it is extremely easy to obtain. Its Energy Recharge sub-stat (30.6% at level 90) can be quite satisfying, as well as weapon skill generates additional Energy particles with every Critical hit, which may fuel the Elemental Burst a lot more.