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RuneScape is attainable now on PC

  • This around-the-clock accordance amid Jagex and its OSRS gold players is evident. From continuing abutment of a 20-year-old adjustment of RuneScape to a history of over 1000 updates aloft the game's lifespan, Jagex's adherence to its players is avant-garde and center. Alongside this amateur relationship, a alertness to acclimate to added avant-garde bazaar armament is additionally present - acceptation that RuneScape's belvedere agnosticism is not simple trend-hopping, but a articular activity for the game's future.

    Powney agreed, talking about laying the accomplishments for abutting updates aloft assorted consoles. For him, RuneScape has consistently been about the "marathon," a abiding plan that blends the bold artlessly with actualization trends.

    "We've been activity for 20 years. There's been affiliated beforehand over those years, and that is aloof set to continue. We're aloof activity on added platforms and we're authoritative the bold barefaced and attainable for affiliated added bodies over the abutting 20 years."

    RuneScape is attainable now on PC, and it will absolution on adjustable platforms in June 2021. MORE: RuneScape Interview: Devs Allocution Desperate Measures Update, Alive From Home RuneScape Devs Beforehand A About-face Absolution Is Possible

    RuneScape will absolution on adjustable in June 2021, which is cheap OSRS GP a big agreement for Jagex. While beneath avant-garde iterations of the bold like Old School RuneScape already abide on mobile, this is the aboriginal time the basal appellation will be portable.