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Dark and Darker is an early-access game

  • If you've experienced frequent crashes that Dark And Darker Gold for sale are keeping you from enjoying Dark and Darker to the maximum during this trial, here's what you could do to remedy it.

    The creators of Dark and Darker have shared a potential fix for certain crashes that happen immediately after the game launches:

    "You will experience this crash if you're employing any software that makes use of Rivatuner's Statistics Server to operate their overlay. Most likely , the issue occurs when you're running MSI Afterburner or another application which displays an FPS number or GPU stats. We have a solution on being developed, but it is expected to be released in the near future as an upgrade," IronmaceGames wrote on Reddit.

    Although the developers themselves state that you should disable MSI's Afterburner or any other program that displays what you're FPS or GPU performance, some players have complained that they were required to disable any application from a third party that could impact Dark and Darker while playing.

    If you are still experiencing crashes after disabling all third-party tools You can try disabling and installing the game again. If the issue still persists then we'd suggest getting in contact directly with IRONMACE developers directly via their official Twitter handle, and providing the full details of any Dark and Darker crashes.

    Dark and Darker is an early-access game which has been through multiple Alpha tests over the past couple of months, each one being very well received by players. Although the game features typical gameplay mechanics for loot extraction but there are more complex systems that allow players to sell certain gear for other gamers. This section on trade is cheap Dark And Darker Gold located in the main menu and can be found after playing for a bit.