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It is essential to have the right equipment

  • If your connection to the internet is Dark And Darker Gold for sale running smoothly but it's not allowing you to join Dark and Darker, here's the most efficient method of checking the game's server status and stop wasting your time trying to figure out why you can't log in.

    The best way to determine if Dark or Darker's servers are online and running is to follow Ironmace Games' official account on Twitter. The game's developers have been really communicative with the community so far. They frequently share game updates as well as when servers are going down because of updates or maintenance periods.Cast spells Dark and Darker How to cast spells in Dark and Darker seems like something that is intuitive However, as with everything else on the Dungeon Crave RPG, the process isn't as simple as it may appear.

    It is essential to have the right equipment and the right skills to cast a spell and even so, you have to make sure you are practicing your timing so that you don't get overwhelmed. Although it may seem like you'll have to wait for the entire game to take advantage of everything that spell casting has to offer, you can add some magic to keep your team alive during the demo.

    Casting spells takes a little more than simply pressing the appropriate button. It requires a magic stick and a magic staff, which is your default weapon bound by "1" to Wizards in addition to "3" when it comes to Clerics. The Cleric has a shield in slot "2" by default. However, if aren't interested in playing a defensive game, you can swap the shield with the staff, and also use dual wield.

    Once it's equipped and in Once you have it all set, simply Press "E" to open your spell wheel. Then, move the cursor over which one you'd prefer. There's no need to click to select. Whatever you've buy Dark And Darker Gold hovered your cursor on last will be the spell you'll get.