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Top 10 Elden Ring 1.09 Best Builds & Weapons

  • Here we present the brand new top 10 best builds in Elden Ring following the 1.09 patch, based on the brand new nerfs and changes, along with the versatility of every build in PvP and PvE!

    Top 10 Best Elden Ring 1.09 Builds (PvE/PvP)

    What are the top ten best builds within the entire game in 1.09 an incredibly varied topic to be certain especially when we all know some builds are incredible in PVE but are probably not as good in PvP or the other way around but we can highlight builds that shine a minimum of very hard in a single side or overall perform great both in. Frankly, though there are other than 10 options we're able to put in this list you will find 10 which are relevant to this here.

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    10 - Envoy's Long Horn Build

    At the bottom of the best build list for 1.09, we have a weapon here that's outrageously effective under certain conditions when placing yourself within a larger enemy like a dragon or any boss that's well large, this can be used Envoy's Long Horns Ash of War Bubble Shower to great purpose, the numerous bubbles will automatically collide with something you're already pressed facing and ideally under to pop often and deal lots of damage in a moment. Your GPS will skyrocket and supply an incredibly effective way to consider down certain bosses and incredibly simple and pretty funny Take a look at that. We can enhance its power using unique armor like the envoy Crown which boosts, the bubble damage by 15%, or standard damage increasing options like talismans self buffs enhancing your holy damage, and so forth. Ultimately this is easy and effective, especially against those larger foes, it is good fun within the open world or boss fights.

    But admittedly it's less efficient in PvP, we can quite cram ourselves against players so easily. But it works if you can catch someone out with those bubbles even if you're not right facing them, it is simply unlikely still the weapon type of the truly amazing hammer can be improved with time with better recovery plus some attacks being made faster, therefore, it is certainly much better than it was previously. But considering it only really shines in PVE under certain conditions, this is at the bottom of the list.

    9 - Blasphemous Blade Roar Build

    This is a One-Hit build made up of a Blasphemous blade coupled with Greyoll's Dragonbarrow. As a weapon, we now have a Blasphemous blade becoming an incredible somewhat overturned one with great damage and scaling with fire damage built-in life steal on hit, lifestyle on kill, and a long-range wide-reaching powerhouse of the Ash of War. To simply make use of this weapon would be to have a good build, but to boost it would be to push it within the edge and transform it into something better still. For example with Greyoll's Dragonbarrow, we can reduce the enemy damage by 20% and then suggest they take more damage by 10% which lasts a complete 60 seconds. Now combine that with the 2,000 plus damage of every weapon Ash of War, the huge healing you receive while using it as well just like the build having good HP buffs, high protection armor rich in poise which makes it a trading wonder, along with a national wasp spamming machine.

    In PvP, this weapon deals incredible damage with just the Ash of War inside a basic build alone, however, with this build, you're extremely tanky but still able to do good damage per hit. If you combine this weapon with another power stance another Faith great sword, maybe such as the Golden Order Greatsword, you can go to town with this Musa and also the Damage output providing you with swapping between your different ashes of war and all sorts of the potential with this. Simply getting the blast in the blade equipped provides you with the on-kill lifestyle that is hilarious. The build has long-range opportunities and AOE ability which makes it great within the open world whether that's PVE or invasions, 400 Health roughly using the build we're referring to every time you utilize taker's Flames could keep you progressing and alive for brand new areas and may be a great option within the DLC.

    8 - Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike Build

    We have a build based on one incantation as opposed to a weapon which is the boss destroying an ancient dragon lightning strike. Straight to the purpose on this one, the incantation can dish out huge amounts of Fear One well-timed cast which you can charge up to manage more damage. Even from the end game bosses could see say 10 000 inside a Charged cast that is incredible and also the reason behind that's the multiple hits the enchant can snag on bosses, particularly the larger ones. You send the red lightning inside a wave who are around you, striking many times as it passes through targets particularly if multiple beams of lightning can hit one target just like a larger one. There are many methods to boost this damage and basically within an all-in PVE focus to build, you can get things such as the Jellyfish Shield buff shocking through boss Health each time you cast it especially fully charged.

    In PvP, it is a very commonly seen incantation for just about any faith build ideal for trading, since it covers a very large area while dealing amazing damage, so in new modes like free for those or Team Deathmatch or perhaps in any invasion, you can catch multiple targets even many times especially if you're casting it from off-screen which makes it much more consistent. But as with duals, you can make it trading wonder one mistake on the roll timing and they'll get hit with this thing forcing these phones trade into it's even better since they are forcing themselves to consider that nasty hit. Those are consistent methods to improve the harm without those major downsides inside a more PVP-focused build.

    7 - The Comet Azur Build

    The Comet Azure build is one of the most popular and well-known concepts in Elden Ring. It's while using sorcery Comet Azure to shoot, which is a magic laser light that you can hold and channel in a target from a good range. By buffing in the damage of its magic via a wide number of ways, you can make that initial hit deal great damage after which while holding it on the target, so they're standing within the constant channel is a line of pain in which the damage only will evaporate whatever stays within it. We have methods to increase how long you can hold that channel such as the wondrous physic that allows you to have infinite FP for a while of time, it does not work well in PvP though where everything set up within the channel isn't remotely effective, or functional.

    We can perform baby versions that will not deal nearly as much damage but could catch people out especially in such things as free-for-all and off-camera shots, even so, it's not exactly a trusted way to play PVP.

    6 - Dark Moon Greatsword

    Dark Moon Greatsword includes a variety of very strong build options, two we believe we should highlight though. One is the two-handed full charge playstyle, where you're dealing massive hits inside a single ranged blow that is hilarious since it costs no FP Beyond whenever you buff up, just stamina each time you make use of the heavy attack. Then there's another one - the ability stance version in which you utilize health and steeple using the Dark Moon Greatsword, by buffing up using the health and steeple after which making use of the Dark Moon Greatsword you've just got extra Frost damage, it pushes the weapon's basic attacks and also the move set right into a bit stronger and reliable.

    And even just in that you're happy and able to use the charged heavies from the Darkmoon without notice, maybe your quick-fire one in PvP to trap someone else or full charge it for the huge hits even then using the option of doing say jump attack and power stance for any sudden follow-up hit. You could slap in certain fire damage such as the self-buff of fire deadly sin, cleansing Frost debuffs and letting you pop those Frost procs much more. You will find a few methods to run Dark Moon and many of them are likely to be really strong options straight Out from the box, whatever way you're doing so, a weapon that may deal heavy damage inside a good range without any FP around the buff up is a great concept. Dark Moon Greatsword is effective both in PVE and PVP, causing this to be a weapon and an all-rounder effective in every situation with a variety of methods to run.

    5 - One Shot Giant-Crusher Build

    One Shot Giant-Crusher Build includes a single attack that merely kills the prospective whatever target that could be. Using the Giant-Crusher Build by which we buff up as many different ways as possible, you can slam down having a unique heavy, it's able to easily reach 16k damage and in all likelihood higher depending on the target in a single hit. The downside of the concept is much such as the laser-style build featuring Comet Azur, it's lots of setups to behave like that. And you'll leave yourself low Health to get it done just once, hopefully, though whenever you do that anything you hit is dead also it probably will be. The thing is we can easily scale this to be more functional like a build using heavy armor and high Poise, so we can happily trade mid-fight landing that big charge heavy attack on the boss regularly. In that case, we'll land probably around 5k-6k damage popular instead, all that you should do is a couple of body buffs along with a weapon buff in the last moment with something similar to Royal Knight's Resolve, after which just visit town never hit by using their unique heavy. This weapon is simply a concrete slab on the stick also it does its purpose it serves it perfectly.

    The downside of the weapon in PvP could have like a colossal weapon a predictable moveset which makes it somewhat simpler to avoid you can make it use clever positioning moveset usage, searching for trades, or catching people out. And in whatever case, whenever you do hit you'll hit them hard, it is simply landing the full charge unique heavy that'd do well, but is extremely unlikely in PvP it is so obvious what's happening. But because of how insane the damage you can reach with this particular weapon and build could it deserve a minimum of No.5?

    4 - Jumping Bleed Successive Hit Builds

    A jumping successive hit base build within the form of say twin blades or power stance powerful combos like say curved swords, you can go for that scavenger curved swords. Ultimately though a higher bleed option that may hit often in a short time is likely to be strong, the ability stands twin blades are top to pick for you. Due to their great jump attack that has you strike many times with both weapons in a good range in a single jump attack, we can enhance the ability of jump attacks say a chess piece along with a talisman, we can get outrageous potential with buffs like even using post nerf Seppuku or perhaps a Bloodflame Blade as well as just base bleed and Arcane scaling. This works similarly towards the scavenger curved swords, multiple hits, and something jump attack bursting damage in tiny windows however with a more reliable moveset you can use because of its basics, that will probably be better in PvP. Simply jump and attack then repeat constantly on the target to wash through say 20k-30k health in moments and we can make this work more consistently in PvP. While using Ash of War, Raptor from the Mist has his crouch for any moment and iframe an incoming blow on success. It'll put you within the air where you're already established to just do a mid-air attack that can be a does take a little bit of finesse and PVP, it is extremely fun and effective when an enemy isn't expecting it and you can land it. With one successful jump attack in PvP, you can chunk out the majority of a health bar after which just play normally to complete them off in PVE, situations are kind of brain just jump attack spam and obtain the bleed damage and burst.

    In PvP, you may use your Raptor making it more possible to use that, whenever it will land it's likely to be devastating, so through and through this is a consistent and powerful concept whichever way you swing it. With multiple weapons and weapon types, you can consider running this we checked out this concept very the early stages of Elden Ring's life, and also to this day even very recently, we discover it extremely effective.

    3 - Powerstance Reduvia Build

    Reducing power stance is outrageously effective using the Buster daggers within our current patch, not just giving them better range, which makes them more viable in PvP, but they've also increased the pace of these attacks, meaning massive combos and chain attacks emerge quickly. You do not want to trade with this in PvP, let's take a lot of hits, bleed many times and potentially just die immediately, after which even if you've got a higher health pool meanwhile in PVE. We're able to shoot up to express 30k burst combos and above. Honestly, with this little thought or skill, the truth is here we also provide that incredible Ash of War, the Reduvia Bloodblade that was also buff. Now with more damage and damage detection around the weapon part of the dagger, you can press facing an enemy striking them just like a shotgun blast of harm and bleeding, hitting them using the dagger and also the ash of war at the same time. It costs only FP to make use of compared to the neutral version from the normal blood blade, which costs health each time you use it. So this is a really strong Ash of War you can rely on the ability stance dagger moveset for successive hits raising your AR, along with the bleed procs happening constantly, or you can rely on the ash of war to some shotgun blast the right path through everything or probably best make use of a clever mixture of both depending around the situation and also the punished Windows available.

    This is likely to be scary effective in PVE and PVP, also it's reached one of the strongest bleed options within the game, but an amount come above Reduvia, it has to be considered a weapon that has similar output but maybe better still damage and with no downsides bleed. Because while it's rare, you will find enemies which are resistant as well as immune to bleeding where that might be an issue, a weapon not counting on bleeding then would shine.

    2 - Marais Executoner's Successive Hits Build

    By landing the corkscrew-style Ash of War on target and having a build that advantages of successive attacks and Ash of War damage, you will notice your AR Spike up next. Follow by using another dancing blade and you'll rip through health bars like it's nothing, the fact that this is true on both sides of the game too, causes it to be deadly because it is a lot more reliable in PvP nowadays. With the improvements towards the recovery of the weapon and also the ability to roll out from the ash of war should it fail. That fact will help with PVE should you choose to miss it or possibly you're looking to prevent incoming damage simply because they won't be staggered, letting you more consistently land the corkscrew attack, without having to be punished as hard none of the relies on not normal damage.

    There really should not be anything within the game immune or overly resistant against this concept, which makes it reliable, sure it takes a little bit of finesse and skill in PvP to land that Ash of War, but once becomes popular says a spell cast or perhaps a trade or whatever also it'll largely be over in your favor. In PVE, you do not need any of that skill, you simply blindly visit the town, anytime you will find a remote punish window and you can do it for medium range, so you have more use of more punished Windows for that reason.

    1 - Bloodflame Blade Builds

    The incantation from the Bloodflame Blade buffs your weapon with bleed and fire damage, without needing to commit your stats to achieve that bleed normally, this releases a ton of stats to invest which can be used in many different ways, but honestly just opting for 80 Arcane and making the weapon an occult one is a fantastic option. Take Arcane on the weapon that already has bass bleed that active blood flame build, the occult scaling, and then any Ash of War that allows you to deal several hits inside a short period, and you're likely to be strong hilariously while blood flame is active on your weapon, your ash of war will be enhanced by bleed damage.

    So a variety of dash like storm blade or beast raw, they'll deal with raw damage the same but then they'll also cause bleed at the range, maybe you'll use something similar to storm caller to AOE bleed multiple targets or stagger opponents in PvP which includes a great follow-up awesome swings and slams from the ash itself creating a trade machine, you can slap on say an extended weapon just like a scythe and make use of the shawl's spinning strikes letting you channel out many hits, which will chainsaw through boss health while you press yourself facing them much such as the Marais Executoner's sword. There are many methods to run blood flame blade because the core of the build then suggests something powerful and unique, and frequently really fun for that reason it's extremely deadly both in PVE and PVP and may be the single strongest buff within the entire game, so it needs to be the top from the best builds list, especially within the current state of just 1.09.