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Genshin Impact Reveals Shenhe and Ayaka Weapon Banner

  • Genshin Impact officially reveals the seven limited weapons which will arrive alongside Ayaka and Shenhe within the second part of update 3.5.

    Genshin Impact has officially confirmed the items which will appear within the upcoming weapon banner for the second part of update 3.5. Developer HoYoverse already confirmed this banner cycle will feature re-runs for 2 very popular Cryo characters, Kamisato Ayaka and Shenhe.

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    Each banner cycle in Genshin Impact features a Weapon Banner that has two five-star and five four-star items, one for every weapon type within the game. This part of the update will even introduce a brand new four-star character named Mika who will be a part of the upcoming four-star lineup alongside another Cryo user named Diona and also the Anemo catalyst user Sucrose.

    The weapons in Genshin Impact are split into five different rarity ranks with five-star items being usually the most powerful. Five-star weapons are slightly simpler to acquire than characters given that they run on an 80-wish pity system which guarantees a five-star drop within 80 wishes. Both the Limited Character and also the Weapon Banner require players to make use of Intertwined Fates to require a group of valuable items. Genshin Impact's official Twitter account has finally revealed the seven items which will appear around the upcoming Weapon Banner:

    Mistsplitter Reforged – five-star sword

    Calamity Queller – five-star polearm

    Sacrificial Sword – four-star sword

    The Bell – four-star claymore

    Wine and Song – four-star catalyst

    Favonius Lance – four-star polearm

    Favonius Warbow – four-star bow

    The Mistsplitter Reforged is widely considered one of, otherwise the best five-star swords in Genshin Impact. Its secondary stat provides as much as 44.1% Crit Damage meaning it can be used by nearly every DPS character within the game. It also supplies a significant buff for that holder's elemental damage that makes it the go-to weapon for that five-star Cryo user Kamisato Ayaka whose kit involves dealing a lot of elemental damage.

    Calamity Queller is Shenhe's signature weapon, however, it can also be used by many other offensive polearm characters such as the Anemo Yaksha Xiao or even the Pyro support Xiangling. Both the passive effect and also the secondary stat equip the weapon holder with many different raw ATK stats that makes it the perfect option for characters that do not rely on Crit Damage.

    While fans seem happy concerning the fact that both five-star merchandise are considered S-tier weapons, they do not seem to be too happy concerning the four-star lineup. The only decent four-star weapon has become the Sacrificial Sword which supplies a lot of Energy Recharge and cooldown reduction for that character's Elemental Skill.

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