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Who is Alice in Genshin Impact?

  • Alice is a mysterious character in Genshin Impact. Various voice lines mention her, mainly from Klee and Albedo (who're closer to her than the others). Players heard her voice throughout the first midsummer event, a more sophisticated plan to get those nearest Klee to relax and have fun. Since then, she’s been mentioned off-hand by a few different characters. Now, with this particular year’s Windblume celebration, she sheds more light on the mysterious gathering of mages.

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    Here’s everything we all know about Alice.

    She’s Klee and Albedo’s Mother (Adoptive, within the Case from the Latter)

    This is primarily how you’ll first learn about her. Of course, being her child, Klee’s voice lines feature her prominently. From being shown explosives to mentioning that they’re going with her father, Klee’s lines and character stories are peppered with mentions of her. It’s appropriate because the littlest knight continues to be a child (about 9-ish years of age). It’s no surprise Alice is over her profile.

    As for Albedo, his creator and mother (and the teacher) asked him to find the ‘truth of the world’ and sent him to Alice. The latter took him under her wing, adopting him like a big brother for Klee before leaving on her journey.

    As a little-known aside, she also adopted Diluc as a son (unofficially). It’s while he treated Klee well following the Ragnvindr tragedy. This was revealed throughout the event of his skin’s release. One of the letters addressed to Diluc was from her. In it, she saw how kindly he treated Klee even while she ruined some of the vineyards. She then says she adopts him like a son even when she can’t replace his father.

    She Wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide

    It’s an eccentric bit of reading, with lots of tangents diverting from being a good travel guide. Still, it’s a glance into the nations within the not-so-distant(?*) past. Still, you will find interesting tidbits concerning the countries between her ramblings about experiments and other associated topics.

    During these explorations, she was combined with all kinds of characters. The Knights defaulted in Mondstadt. Zhongli accompanied her to Liyue, where she described him as a stern but knowledgeable man. In Inazuma, she hung out using the Naganoharas and ‘accidentally’ blew in the Imperial Palace’s kitchen.

    *It isn’t apparent when she explored and wrote the guide. It’s recent enough that lots of playable characters are referenced but additionally long enough that several things have changed within the interim. Jean might not be the Acting Grand Master, but Rex Lapis has already been in his Zhongli guise. Also, you can meet the stuttering Liyue guard who mentions her, therefore it couldn’t be that some time ago.

    She includes a Long Lifespan/isn’t a Human

    It’s a characteristic she shares using the Traveler. The latter includes a vague age but should have been asleep throughout their sibling’s exploits in Khaenri’ah. Their twin woke them up because the ancient kingdom fell into ruin after which fell unconscious again. After all, the Sustainer from the Heavenly Principles prevented their escape. They woke 500 years afterward following a troubled sleep full of nightmares.

    Now, an instance could be designed for the sleep to possess and put them in stasis, but exactly how would you explain the sibling appearing as if nothing had changed? The Traveler is noted to become older than they appear, enough to argue about being permitted to drink alcohol.

    Alice includes a similar lengthy lifespan, as she's one of the oldest members of the Hexenzirkel. The human members have died or handed down their positions to their successors. However, Alice continues to be active and youthful-sounding (though we haven’t seen her personally yet). Klee is noted to possess inherited this longevity though we don’t know her father’s constitution.

    Alice has seen much more of Teyvat’s history firsthand, not only through the Ley Lines. She might’ve witnessed nov Khaenri’ah, but we don’t know her opinions on it or that her friend ‘Gold’ is one of the factors that caused it.

    She is part of the Hexenzirkel

    It’s a mysterious gathering of mages. Lisa mentions it in her line about Mona, referencing the latter’s apprenticeship to ‘B.’ It’s also mentioned in a single of Barbara’s character stories, which explicitly says Alice is an elder from the organization.

    Lisa mentions they do Irminsul exploration and formal tea parties. She was invited to sign up, but considering her causes for leaving the Akademiya, she refused. This was all we knew relating to this gathering before the 2023 Windblume event.

    The last quest from the mentioned event, ‘Joy Above the Clouds,’ shed more light on the group. Alice describes it as a gathering of her close friends she spent her youth with, plus they often gather together for tea parties. The Hexenzirkel includes eight mages (though you will find only seven seats at the table):

    Alice , the ‘one who'd never lie’

    Barbeloth , the one that teaches Mona along with a master Hydromancer

    I. Ivanovna N. (J), an individual long dead, Scarlett is just one of her distant successors

    Andersdotter (M), a legend that never ends,’ an individual fairy tale writer

    Nicole , the ‘guide which will never get lost’

    Rhinedottir , a flower that is not of the world,’ the alchemist ‘Gold’ and Albedo’s creator and mother

    Two other unnamed members

    The Irminsul exploration a part of their activities is linked to Spantamad’s section of research. This influenced Lisa’s views concerning the organization and why she didn’t wish to join. At any rate, they’re experienced in many things but they are secretive about them.

    She’s Likely a Descender, Too (Spoilers for Archon Quests)

    If you’ve finished the quest ‘Inversion of Genesis,’ you will know the Descenders aren't native to Teyvat. They exist outside of the world’s laws and therefore are unaffected by them. The primary marker that differentiates the Traveler is they’re not impacted by the edits towards the information in Irminsul.

    They could remember Rukkhadevata despite information about her being purged to pay off the corruption in Irminsul. Also, they might remember who the Wanderer was after he tried deleting himself. Conversely, even Nahida wasn’t in a position to remember the above, having had to depend on obfuscation to remind herself following the fact for that latter.

    (Spoilers end here.)

    One thing that points to Alice’s status as you is Barbara’s Idol Magazine story. In it, Alice gives her the Sunday paper with idols, and Barbara doesn’t appear to recognize it. The elder accomplished it, introducing her to the concept of stardom, which didn’t appear in Teyvat before this.

    Considering this, it's probable that they know about the first two characters mentioned, who've since been forgotten by Teyvat. She’s likely conscious of it because they are connected to the Ley Lines and Irminsul.

    She narrated Aloy’s (an Outlander) and Wanderer’s (for spoiler reasons) Collected Miscellany videos. It’s strong evidence that they’re Descenders because Dainsleif wouldn’t learn about the latter, and Aloy currently doesn't have a place within the story. While she also narrates Dori’s video, that’s because Alice supplies the merchant with unusual wares.

    It differs from Nicole (the guide) because N doesn’t understand what changed, that something did. Alice is conscious of what exactly happened.

    Also, her role because the guardian of Teyvat’s Borders means she interacts using the world’s boundaries. She may also bring back items using their company locations beyond those lines (Idol Magazine, the Rubicon was quoted by Zhiqiong). She’s been bringing ideas from various worlds when you see or hear something which confuses regular citizens of Teyvat, it’s probably from her.

    Why is Being a Descender a Big Deal?

    Descenders play a substantial role in Teyvat’s long history. According to legends, the very first (the Primordial One) was the one that made a person's world outside of the dark realm (Abyss) and also the elemental realm (Vishap/light realm). Then came the ‘Second Who Came’ who challenged the Primordial One’s ‘reign’ within the Human domain. It’s unmentioned who won, but the very first Descender needed to split into four shades.

    Judging by both of these Descenders, they have the powers of ‘gods,’ enough to produce whole new realms and split up into four powerful beings. When we recognize the Primordial One, the Second who came, and also the Traveler as Descenders, all can become powerful beyond belief. The Traveler isn’t there yet, however, you already saw inklings from it.

    They may use the elements with no Vision, and slowly they’re understanding how to use two or much more of them in battle. The latter is most evident within their fight against Childe, where they used both Geo and Anemo in a specific moment within the cutscene. Besides that, their actual wings, as well as their powers (before being removed), glowed white.

    Of course, we can’t do that (yet) because of gameplay limitations. Still, as his or her power grows, they'll match another descender in power.

    Alice matches others in power within the hypothetical but likely scenario that she is a Descender. Venti describes her as nigh-omnipotent, implying she’s stronger than an Archon. Okay, the elder isn’t doing anything world-changing. Still, she's enough capacity to make mechanisms within the Golden Apple Archipelago that may drain the ocean or enhance the islands. Also, despite being away, she somehow keeps watching the events on Mond to supervise her child. It’s how she knows who Klee is nearest and all her friends.

    Look Forward to Meeting Alice!

    Her presence in Teyvat means a lot of things for the lore, and she might be a treasure chest of information. Besides her research in Irminsul, she's seen and experienced many things in her own long life in Teyvat, and that’s something lore enthusiasts would wish to pick at.

    Besides, when the recent patterns of character releases are almost anything to go by, she may ultimately be a playable character. Granted, her only ‘About Alice’ comes from Dori, who she supplies with unusual wares, but even the first is enough to foreshadow an eventual release. That doesn’t mean it’s 100% definite, though.

    Still, the Traveler being in a position to talk to her should be considered a gold mine of lore tidbits. She’ll be cagey and won’t give information straight, but anything from her is going to be valuable. Also, meeting this mysterious mage and mother would finally be considered a relief.

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