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Genshin Impact Chart Shows Primogem Count For Update 3.6

  • A new Genshin Impact chart reveals the number of free Primogems that could be collected within the upcoming update 3.6 which will introduce two new characters.

    A new Genshin Impact chart reveals the number of Primogems players can acquire throughout the upcoming update 3.6. Primogems are widely considered the most crucial currency within the game because it allows Travelers to drag for their superheroes and weapons. Each update has two banner cycles which include one or two five-star characters and three four-stars.

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    During the continuing Genshin Impact update 3.5 double banners, players can pull the 2 five-stars from Sumeru, Dehya, and Cyno, in addition to their signature weapons, Beacon from the Reed Sea and Staff from the Scarlet Sands. Even though the game operates on a gacha-based system, additionally, it allows players to get tons of Primogems free of charge by completing various objectives. Those activities include doing the daily commissions, completing all floors from the Spiral Abyss domain, and many more.

    A Reddit user has shared a really helpful chart that shows the quantity of Primogems that'll be available for free throughout the upcoming update. According to the post, if players complete all the required tasks, they'll acquire 8935 Primogems which is approximately around 56 wishes. The chart also mentions that accounts that have the Blessing from the Welkin Moon and also the Battle Pass activated can get around 13995 Primos, that is 97 pulls. This would guarantee them a Genshin Impact five-star character given that they run on a 90-wish pity.

    Some comments have noticed that the chart is slightly inaccurate since HoYoverse announced a brand new region meaning there will be additional exploration bonuses. The new map expansion will prove the prior rumors the whole Sumeru region is larger than Mondstadt and Liyue combined. The game's Twitter account already says Genshin Impact version 3.6 will add two brand-new Dendro characters, Kaveh and Baizhu.

    There is not a large amount of information about their exact release date, but rumors declare that Baizhu will appear within the first part of the update. When it comes to his power in the area, recent leaks have revealed Baizhu will be a brand new Dendro support with strong healing potential. Both his skills may have offensive and defensive capabilities, plus they scale with max. HP is very common for healers.

    Baizhu and Kaveh are probably not the only featured Dendro characters within the next update as recent rumors reveal the Dendro Archon Nahida could receive her first re-run in 3.6. Many players declare that if HoYoverse decides to place Baizhu and Nahida on a single banner, it might break the sport's revenue record.

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