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Elden Ring: 8 Most Intelligent Characters In The Lore

  • These are some of the most intelligent characters in Elden Ring's lore because of their feats, and much more.

    The Lands Between has seen many intelligent beings within and beyond them, whether that's before the ball player-created Tarnished mended, or destroyed the planet in one of the many endings for Elden Ring. These intelligent characters can be found throughout Elden Ring and also the lore that came before it.

    As the old saying goes, the pen is mightier compared to the sword, plus some of these characters, exhibit their great power through their intellect, instead of how good they're at rolling or parrying attacks, or if they can solo Malenia.

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    8. Godfrey, First Elden Lord

    As the Tarnished desire to be the newest Elden Lord, they ought to look to the first one to see how powerful they can become. Godfrey didn't always have his title from the First Elden Lord, however, it was within his calmness and need to quell the violent urges he committed himself to function as the iconic Elden Lord that players encounter far later in the game.

    Godfrey’s origin was Hoarah Loux, a chieftain from the Badlands. Although Godfrey is renowned for his physical strength, it doesn't make him any less smart, because he seeks one which could overtake him, and take his crown. It takes a genuine intellect to understand that there can exist those much better than one's self.

    7. Radagon Of The Golden Order

    The God boss of Elden Ring, Radagon from the Golden Order is tough for grounds. Not only is Radagon on the quest he will not allow one to stop him from, but he's spent many years of his life focused on the study of sorcery and incantations, a feat that doesn’t permit someone piling points into strength to wield ridiculously sized swords.

    Radagon is one of the smartest characters within the Elden Ring lore, and for good reason. His dedication to repairing the Elden Ring after its shattering proves he is a guy of commitment and can and won't allow any Tarnished and Spirit Ash to destroy what he sees because of the path to a larger tomorrow.

    6. Ranni The Witch

    Ranni embraces the ball player with an intellectual dialect and poses a quest line full of riddles, intrigue, and achievement. Ranni comes with an ultimate goal that the ball player must decipher, yet, it should be a fair goal if her disciples and minions will commit themselves to her requests.

    Perhaps probably the most interesting part of Ranni is when she cheated death and were able to bind her soul to that particular doll. There’s an excellent level of intellect in the human body of this doll, along with a new world that they seek, hence the request of the Tarnished to follow along with her.

    5. Mohg, Lord Of Blood

    Whether it's intelligence or madness, Mohg embraced the accursed Omen's blood and located himself mastering that from the blood flame magic. Mohg isn't like his brother Morgott and instead hides away to concentrate on his power and then any spells that may help him to become a genuine Empyrean.

    Mohg focuses heavily on magic and also the abilities that may be fatal to the ball player. Mohg’s intellect has his mission involve the kidnapping and raising of Miquella, raising them into godhood to ensure that Mohg might be his consort, and advance within the birthplace of his dynasty.

    4. Dung Eater

    A true and bleak killer, Dung Eater deserves no fame or recognition for his foul deeds and the cruel, unspeakable torture of the planet. Nevertheless, it's ignorant to deny that Dung Eater is sensible, and never as stupid as his outfit, or entrapment implies.

    The Dung Eater is a genuine scourge upon the living, a statement he proudly proclaims. Dung Eater is a foul finding yourself in Elden Ring and seeks to make the planet a worse place, a good character with twisted designs for those living things.

    3. Rennala, Queen Of The Full Moon

    One of the Legend Bosses in Elden Ring is Rennala, Queen from the Full Moon. Upon inspecting the defeated Queen’s Crescent Crown, players will see that Rennala was the head of the Academy of Raya Lucaria and also the Carian royal family. Rennala’s commitment towards the students from the academy is shown by how they protect her during her boss fight.

    Not only is Rennala a genius along with a scholar, but her capability to possess what seems to function as the powers from the moon is worthy of the ranking by itself. However, Rennala falters due to the amber egg, something she cradles, and results in a broken mind unto herself.

    2. The Noble Goldmask

    There are grounds why Goldmask is called noble. Goldmask is Tarnished but has riven over the cruelty of his namesake to become an excellent scholar and one who has the intellect and forbearing to determine the coming guidance of Grace. “The Ever-Brilliant” Goldmask might seem a tad far gone, together with his lack of clothes and strange sunflower mask, however, it all shows how his faith is above his appearance.

    Goldmask might not use his words, but his actions and mind are one of the greatest gifts of the Elden Ring lore. Goldmask pursued the Golden Order and sought its perfection using the mending from the shattered Elden Ring, a purchase that would give a new feeling of peace and intellect towards the Lands Between.

    1. Gideon Ofnir

    Gideon is known because of the All-Knowing, so as a profound supply of knowledge for those things in and out of the Lands Between, it's no surprise that Gideon may be the leader of the Roundtable Hold. Gideon is definitely in his office in the Roundtable Hold, encompassed by books, constantly reading and engaging using the words contained within them.

    Perhaps no character is smarter or even more knowledgeable than Gideon, who can tell the ball player everything they would like to know. Gideon is an excellent source of knowledge for lots of things, particularly in helping the ball player-created Tarnished to find the shard bearers which are more secluded and secret.