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WoW Dragonflight Rare Spawn Loot Table

  • World of Warcraft Dragonflight features the Dragon Isles for players to understand more about, there are plenty of rare spawns to consider down permanent gear. For players who're getting prepared, defeating these strong enemies is a great way to accelerate the process, also it helps to understand what boss drops what item.

    All loot from rare spawns in The Waking Shores in Dragonflight

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    The Waking Shores is area players spend considerable time in while going to the Dragon Isles as it is home to the Sabellian and Wrathion rep grind along with the Obsidian Citadel. On top of that, there are lots of rare enemies to battle, and here is a look at the things they drop.

    Rohzor Forgesmash: Plate Helm, 1-hand Strength Mace

    Battle horn Pyrhus: 1-hand Intellect Mace, Plate Legs, Mail Helm, Leather Shoulders, Cloth Boots, Gun, Crit/Haste Ring, 1-hand Agility Fist Weapon, Leather Chest, Blazing Essence, Primal Ritual Shell, Seasoned Hunter's Trophy, Lucky Hunting Charm

    Captain Lancer: 2-hand Strength Polearm, Plate Helm, 1H Str Mace

    Cauldronbearer Blakor: Plate Helm, 1-hand Strength Mace

    Char: Cape, Plate Shoulders, Plate Legs, 2-hand Intellect Staff, Mail Shoulders

    Engine the Voracious: 1-hand Agility Fist Weapon, 1-hand Strength Axe, 1-hand Intellect Mace, Agility Gun, Crit/Haste Ring, Primal Ritual Shell, Blazing Essence

    Turboris: Leather Boots, Plate Legs, 2-hand Intellect Staff, Primal Ritual Shell trinket

    All loot from rare spawns within the Azure Span in Dragonflight

    The Azure Span is not as jam-packed with spawns like The Waking Shores, but you may still find some enemies worth killing to obtain some gear. Here's what everything drops for players seeking to increase their item level.

    Blisterhide: Mail Helm, Leather Shoulders, Cloth Boots, Crit/Vers Neck, 1-hand Warglaive, 1-hand Dagger, Primal Ritual Shell

    Gnarls: Shield, Plate Hands

    High Shaman Rotknuckle: Leather Legs, Crossbow, 1-hand Agility Sword

    Snarglebone: Leather Legs, Crossbow

    All loot from rare spawns in Thaldrazus in Dragonflight

    Thaldrazuz is unquestionably the lightest on loot about these rare spawns in Dragonflight. With that said, there's still a boss that roams around within the area, also it can drop a good staff for players.

    Ancient Protector: 2-hand Agility Polearm, 1-hand Agility Sword, Plate Chest, Dreamweaver Acolyte's Staff

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