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Diablo 2 Resurrected: 8 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

  • Diablo 2 is stuffed with monsters, quests, and treasures, all of the elements which will fill your trip through Sanctuary. After picking your class, you’ll arrive in the Rogue Encampment prepared to investigate the corruption that plagues the land.

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    To help with your quest, these pointers & tricks are made to jumpstart your understanding and make you a far more formidable adversary. By keeping these ideas in your mind, you can ease the training curve and increase your loot. Streamlining your item management, combat priorities, and character resources will aid the forces of light and send back the demons to where they originated from.

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    Pick Up Everything

    As you begin your trip into the Blood Moor and beyond, you need to pick up exactly what drops. You can skip the standard quality items (White text), however, you will want to a minimum look at everything Blue or better. Most magic items are going to be upgraded, almost all rare (Yellow text) is going to be bigger upgrades, and Tan text indicates a Unique item.

    Unique items are going to be of the best quality, aside from certain Green text items (class Sets). Through Normal difficulty, get everything and identify it. Anything that isn’t usable, is going to be a nice Gold sale.

    Check All Gray Items For Sockets

    Items labeled with Gray text indicate that they're either Normal with Sockets or Ethereal. Normal items with Sockets would be the base components for Runewords, some of the most powerful components of the game. From the very start of the game, you need to be searching for 2 open socket helmets, 2-3os body armor, and other things your class needs.

    Ethereal merchandise is stronger than their normal counterparts, but can’t be repaired (after they lose their durability, they're destroyed). Ethereal items aren’t generally great for your character but they are great for mercenaries because they aren’t impacted by durability loss.

    It's Never Too Early To Make Runewords

    Some of the most valuable Runewords in the sport require low runes to craft. Steel (Tir + El) is ideal for physical damage classes in the early games, Stealth (Tal + Eth) is wonderful for all classes, and Leaf (Tir + Ral) is a dream for any Fire Sorc or Druid.

    From the start of the game, collect all runes your find to check out open socket armor pieces. Don’t socket any runes in random bits of gear, save all of them for Runewords. The power spike of some early-game Runewords could be a game-changer.

    Always Have A Mercenary

    Diablo 2 has Rogue Scouts, Desert Mercenaries, Iron Wolves, and Barbarians readily available for hire. Regardless of which merc you select, you need to have one with you at all times. Equip all of them with the strongest gear you can find and try to revive them when returning to town.

    Mercs can get themselves into troubling situations while you fight through packs of monsters, so be ready for them to die quickly and frequently. The utility of the mercenary is worth the hassle, his or her power scales sharply once they or levels up and obtains gear.

    Light The Waypoints

    Throughout your trip to Sanctuary, you will find Waypoints that enable fast travel. These patches of dirt encompassed by a set of torches are activated whenever you discover them. Once activated, you can return to these points when needed from any other Waypoint (including all Act towns).

    Although some Waypoints tend to be more important than others, you need to aim to collect all of them. Many quests and objectives may have you backtracking to older areas. These areas would otherwise take a long time to operate back to, so walk out your way to locate every Waypoint.

    Save Items For Other Classes

    When you play the first character, you might be tempted to only save items that apply to that particular class. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever create a Barbarian, you need to still save all Immortal King’s Set pieces that you simply find.

    Whether you get making a Barbarian or otherwise, items for other classes can continue to come in handy. The Act 5 mercenary uses many of the same items as a Barbarian and also the Immortal King’s Set can trade for items that you do want (if you’re playing online). So if you look for a rare item, save it.

    Attack High-Priority Enemies First

    The monsters of Sanctuary are often clustered in groups. The Fallen that you simply come across typically have a few Fallen Shamans around, and Blood Hawks will never be too far from the Blood Hawk Nest. Identify the highest-priority enemies and pay them down first, don’t simply take on the pack as a whole.

    Fallen and Blood Hawks often just distract you against attacking their stronger counterparts. When you encounter a pack of Fallen, locate any Fallen Shaman and remove them before they can cast their spells.

    Farm Before Moving On

    If you complete each quest and continually move ahead, you'll eventually be under-leveled for that content. When you finish an Act or unlock a brand new difficulty, you need to replay completed content before moving forward.

    Areas like Tristram in Act 1, the Tombs of Tal Rasha in Act 2, and also the Chaos Sanctuary in Act 4 are perfect spots to grind some XP and gear. Once you completed Act 1 Quest 3, start a brand new game and clean out Tristram several more times. This will provide you with the boost you have to continue your trip and extinguish the Prime Evils.