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Genshin Impact Reveals More Details About Dehya

  • Genshin Impact releases another video featuring Dehya, the brand new five-star Pyro character that found its way to the ongoing version 3.5.

    Genshin Impact has revealed another video that provides more information concerning the brand-new five-star Pyro character Dehya. She arrived with version 3.5 alongside another five-star unit named Cyano that has received its first re-run after being released back in 3.1.

    The recent live stream event for Genshin Impact updates 3.5 has confirmed that Dehya will join the Standard Banner after 3.6 arrives, much like Tighnari did in 3.1. Even though the brand new character just arrived, developer HoYoverse has announced two new roster additions, Baizhu and Kaveh, for update 3.6.

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    Genshin Impact's official YouTube channel has revealed another video that stops working on Dehya's personality and playstyle. She is associated with Sumeru's Eremites the industry group of dangerous mercenaries that hail in the Sumeru deserts. Even though she's referred to as a merciless fighter, Dehya also offers a soft side that was revealed within the previous Genshin Impact trailers by which she uses all her savings to assist an orphanage in Sumeru. When it comes to her power around the battlefield, Dehya is most likely considered an A or S-tier Pyro DPS character whose kit involves her Elemental Burst.

    Dehya's burst allows her to go into the Blazing Lioness State making her discard her weapon and change to hand-to-hand combat for a few seconds. During this period, Dehya's Normal Attacks are infused with Pyro, plus they deal AoE harm to nearby enemies. She is among the rare characters that may increase the movement speed of her teammates by using one of her Passive Talents named The Sunlit Way.

    Her Elemental Skill results in a Fiery Sanctum field effect that deals coordinated damage whenever an enemy is hit. While she appears like a decent five-star character, many fans declare that they will skip her banner given that she will arrive around the Standard Banner after 3.5 ends. This also implies that it will be more difficult to acquire her constellation later on as she probably will not be placed on the Limited Character Banner again.

    Recent leaks have said Dehya will get her artifact to occur Genshin Impact update 3.6. A new set named Brilliance of Dew will boost the damage of the holder's Elemental Skill and Burst every time they receive damage. This buff gets stronger if the character isn't deployed around the field and Dehya is among the few characters that may take damage even if she gets exchanged thanks to her Molten Inferno.

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