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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Kaveh's, Whole Kit

  • A new Genshin Impact leak reveals the entire kit description for that new four-star Dendro character Kaveh, who's scheduled to reach in update 3.6.

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    A new Genshin Impact leak reveals the kit details for just one of the upcoming characters, the Dendro user Kaveh. The game's official Twitter account has announced this character for that upcoming update 3.6 and that he won't be the only real new roster addition in 3.6 as HoYoverse confirmed another Dendro user, the long-awaited Baizhu.

    Both of those characters have previously made appearances in Genshin Impact's main storyline. Kaveh played a substantial role within the ongoing Sumeru arc by which he's portrayed as a talented architect who created various landmarks like the famous Palace of Alcazarzaray. He is also confirmed to become the roommate of some other Sumeru character, Alhaitham, who joined the playable roster within the previous update.

    Unlike Alhaitham who's known as a very rational character, Kaveh's actions will always be led by emotions. When it comes to his power in the area, a brand new post around the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed the description of his whole kit. The leak confirms previous rumors that Kaveh is going to be using the claymore as his primary weapon which can make him the only real Dendro character with this particular weapon type. According to the leak, the suitcase that may be seen in Kaveh's official splash art is will have a huge part in the kit.

    His Elemental Skill, Artistic Ingenuity, allows Kaveh to utilize a special device hidden in the suitcase named Mehrak to manage Dendro's harm to all nearby opponents. It will also scan for Dendro Cores and lead them to immediately rupture meaning Kaveh is going to be a great choice for that famous Bloom team composition.

    Kaveh's Elemental Burst description is a lot more complex because it creates a cubic field effect that deals Dendro damage and grants various buffs. His Normal Charged and Plunging Attack is going to be infused with Dendro damage and also have a larger AoE effect. All Dendro Cores inside the bursts will deal additional rupture damage and Kaveh can also get his potential to deal with interruption increased.

    A large number of fans seem to become confused by Kaveh's kit because it is hard to know what his primary role may be. While he can be used like a sub-DPS for any specific kind of Dendro team comps, acquiring all his constellation levels may also make him a powerful main DPS character. Getting all his constellations shouldn't be too hard since Kaveh is confirmed to possess a lower four-star rarity.

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