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Genshin Impact Previews Upcoming Events in Version 3.5

  • Genshin Impact previews its event agenda for Version 3.5, having a variety of new events and quests readily available for players to tackle.

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    Genshin Impact is previewing the number of events arriving with Version 3.5, including multiple methods to earn Primogems and 2 new quests. With the HoYoverse RPG preparing to launch its newest update later this week, the developer has given fans lots of reasons to be looking forward to the next version. Genshin Impact will welcome its newest five-star character in Dehya in Version 3.5, in addition to a new four-star from Mondstadt in Mika. The newest version will even feature lots of new content for players to understand more about.

    Genshin Impact's Version 3.5 Special Program earlier this year showed off all of the new content players should expect within the upcoming version. The newest update will whisk players to the Mondstadt region for that return from the Windblume Festival, teasing several mini-games such as the return of Genshin Impact's rhythm mini-game. HoYoverse would also reveal several new spins on fan-favorite events from past patches, including a new version of both Fungi and Adventurer's Balloon mini-games. Now, the developer is sharing everything coming with Version 3.5's first half.

    The newest event preview from Genshin Impact gives players a glance at new content within the first 1 / 2 of Version 3.5. The patch's flagship event, Windblume's Breath, will launch a couple of days after the version update on March 3rd, running through the first half of the patch until March 20th. The event will feature Primogems along with other resources as rewards, together with an event-exclusive Claymore, the Walled Flower. The new update will even introduce a small event running alongside Windblume's Breath with Vibro-Crystal Verification, tasking players with completing combat challenges utilizing special buffs.

    New Events in Genshin Impact Version 3.5

    Windblume's Breath: March 3rd, 2023 to March 20th, 2023

    Vibro-Crystal Verification: March 14th, 2023 to March 27th, 2023

    Archon Quest Chapter 3, Act 6: Available when Version 3.5 launches

    Story Quest, Mantichora Chapter: Available when Version 3.5 launches

    Alongside the brand new limited-time event content, Genshin Impact will even be adding two new permanent quests to the game with Version 3.5. Both quests are going to be available the moment Version 3.5 launches by having an Archon Quest and Story Quest introduced. The newest chapter from the Archon Quest will feature players once more teaming track of the mysterious Dainsleif, also introducing brand new rewards for completing Archon Quests. Version 3.5's Story Quest will feature the sport's newest character, Dehya because of the star of the quest.

    While the highlights of Genshin Impact's Version 3.5 update are its new quests and characters, the update has plenty more coming towards the game underneath the surface. Genius Invokation TCG might find five new cards added towards the TCG mini-game with Kokomi, Sara, and Eula joining the sport as Character Cards. Genshin Impact will even feature several quality-of-life updates in the newest version, such as the ability to swipe to pick multiple items when destroying or upgrading Artifacts. Version 3.5 has plenty available for Genshin Impact players having a variety of new content to understand more about.

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