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How to accomplish Carrot and Stick quest in Lost Ark

  • Quests are available all over the world of Arkesia in Lost Ark. Even on remote islands in the center of the ocean. One of those islands is known as the Lost City, as well as on this island is a quest that involves pirates, and man-eating monsters, not to mention, fishing. The second thing about this questline is known as Carrot and Stick, and there’s a secret fishing spot you need to find to resolve it. This guide can help you if you’re having problems finding it.

    How to accomplish Carrot and Stick quest in Lost Ark

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    When you get to the island of Lost City close to the continent of Luttera, you'll be able to start exploring. Very quickly, you will find a quest called Fearsome Carnivorous Monster. Just stick to the blood trail on your map before you meet with a hurt native, called Injured Kir. He will provide you with the quest Carrot and Stick. In this quest, you need to help him heal with rare fish that are available only at a secret fishing spot nearby. He only gives vague instructions regarding how to find it.

    Head northwest and cross to the long narrow path where two breakable walls resulting in two chambers are available. The mini-map doesn’t reveal that there is a third breakable wall between your two too. Hit the wall together with your skills and you’ll have the ability to go through into an unmarked secret area, in which the fishing spot is situated.

    The spot can also be unmarked, but all you need to do is try fishing near the two fishing poles and catch three White Belly fish. On your way out, you can pick up the 2 Mokoko seeds which are located in the secret chamber too.

    Return to Injured Kir and provide him with the fish. He’s still too lazy to obtain up on their own, so you need to cheer him up first. Perform the /cheer emote to accomplish the Carrot and Stick quest and obtain to the next leg from the quest line.