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Lost Ark: Anniversary Update Guide

  • Lost Ark is an MMORPG from Smilegate in Korea. Two years after Lost Ark launched in South Korea, Amazon Games is bringing it to the West.

    Lived as much as expected, Lost Ark has additionally successfully become probably the most popular MMO game on the planet, setting an archive for the quantity of simultaneous online players on Steam, and has additionally received praise from many players.

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    Within each day of its release, Lost Ark was built with a staggering 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam. It also had become the second most widely used game in history on Steam, an achievement that surprised even Amazon Games.

    Amazon Games Franchise Leader Soomin Park told GLHF the main reason for the success of Lost Ark is the superb polishing, then the powerful game cycle of Lost Ark itself. Most players who choose different types of games will find their own in Lost Ark plates.

    Both Park and the team say they launched Lost Ark with full confidence that it will be a hit, but players love the sport far more compared to what they expected.

    The game has attracted a loyal group of followers who are open about referring to the pros and cons of Lost Ark. Park asserted he can still improve with the real feedback of those players and promote the rapid growth and development of Lost Ark.

    At the same time frame, he also asserted Lost Ark includes a high amount of discussion locally, and players still share some surprising content for example role-playing and artwork locally. Through the detailed guide and game introduction of old players, new players may also integrate faster and play easier.

    Lost Ark is not a direct port from the original game, and Amazon Games has put lots of effort into making Lost Ark ideal for Western players. Among them, the modification of the sport currency structure is a very critical move. The updated Lost Ark Gold also played a large role in retaining existing players. These changes will suit Western players well, Park said.

    In addition, Amazon Games has established more and richer character types, and it has a new event especially for Western players, for example, Oktoberfest. The team has additionally been focusing on improving the experience for brand-new players, and Park says Lost Ark isn't quite there yet.

    In Lost Ark's second year in the West, Amazon Games wants to still expand Lost Ark's game content, which makes it closer to the Korean original game.

    With updates for brand new classes, raids, stories, as well as new lands, the all-new Lost Ark delays for players to understand more about. Park said the new main story has ushered in a brand new chapter, which is ingeniously associated with the main story from the previous story, successfully opening a brand new story.

    Amazon Games will even hear from some console players that Lost Ark is not playable. However, Park continues to be emphasizing the team will appear to the player's feedback and then try to meet the player's request whenever possible.

    In Lost Ark's second year in the West, the momentum from the game has additionally become much better than before. Based on the sound game's first step toward Lost Ark, they update newer and more effective activities or functions to draw in more new players.

    To celebrate Lost Ark's first anniversary, the sports team is going to be hosting special attractions throughout the month. At the same time frame, additionally, it provides rich Lost Ark Gold rewards and anniversary gifts for players.

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