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Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Deck Guide: Klee Aggro


    Patch 3.4 of Genshin Impact has finally arrived with it comes many new inclusions in the game. One of the new inclusions in the game would be the new character cards that have come to Genius Invokation TCG. These new character cards are Beidou and Klee. Between both of these new character cards, most players became thinking about Klee because of her unique mechanic and also the complexity behind it. Because of this curiosity about the brand new Klee character card, many discovered that she had lots of utility and harm to offer when utilized in tandem with other existing character cards. Furthermore, the harm she provided was enough to lose one character from the opponent throughout the first round. However, because of the complexity of the mechanics of the card, players were built with a difficult time locating the perfect mixture of character cards on her. Fortunately, after weeks of testing, players could figure out an ideal deck recipe on her card. With that, the Klee Aggro deck was created. That being said, let’s enter into what when is and just how it functions.

    Deck Recipe – Klee Aggro

    Character Cards:

    Klee, Mona, Fatui Pyro Agent

    Action Deck:

    2 Gambler’s Earrings

    2 Paimon

    2 Liben

    2 Chang the Ninth

    2 Liu Su

    2 Elemental Resonance: Woven Flames

    2 Elemental Resonance: Fervent Flames

    2 The Bestest Travel Companion!

    2 Changing Shifts

    2 Toss-Up

    2 Strategize

    2 I Haven’t Lost Yet!

    1 Leave It to Me!

    1 Calx’s Arts

    2 Adeptus’ Temptation

    2 Lotus Flower Crisp

    Deck Breakdown

    The way this deck works is the fact that it presents multiple routes of play the player may use depending on the smoothness of cards from the opponent. However, despite these multiple routes, it features a main goal of homing at least one from the opponent’s character cards. To add to that, Klee can also be capable of eliminating the opponent’s roster of character cards in a single round. However, this is only possible if the stars align and Klee can deal sufficient harm to the other character cards from the opponent.

    Because of the aggressiveness of the deck, when has a significant advantage against decks with no elemental dice ramp? Considering the deck has multiple methods to kill off an opponent’s character throughout the first round, it may be very difficult for that opponent to counter this deck’s strategies when they're at a deficit of elemental dice. In addition to this, decks that use the first round to set up such as Xingqiu and Beidou decks have to expend more resources to make certain that they can obtain burst off safely or before their character cards bite the dust. In the case the opponent should select to force the set-up, the aggressiveness from the deck will punish them heavily and cripple their setup even further.

    The way when works are the fact that at the start of the sport, either Mona or Fatui Pyro Agent will tank most of the harm while the burst of Klee is being set up. To set up Klee’s burst, the player may use the protection Mona provides together with her elemental skill. When the security has been set up, the player may use action cards and Klee’s elemental skill, and normal attacks to supply lots of energy to Klee. Once Klee uses her Elemental Burst, Mona or Fatui Pyro Agent may then proceed to lose down the opponent’s character card. As such, the smoothness card of Klee in this instance can be considered the enabler from the deck as she allows other character cards to drag off big damage attacks and get rid of the opponent’s character cards easily.

    When exploring the action card deck, action cards for example Paimon, Liben, Elemental Resonance: Woven Flames, Gambler’s Earrings and I Haven’t Lost Yet! Help when to ramp up its elemental dice to achieve an advantage over the opponent. This is especially important when as it enables when to have ample resources to play very aggressively. Other action cards for example Changing Shifts, Elemental Resonance: Fervent Flames, and Adeptus’ Temptation are utilized to enable Mona and Fatui Pyro Agent to 1 shot the opponent’s current active character card after establishing Klee’s elemental burst. In summary, the primary game plan of the deck is by using Mona and Fatui Pyro Agent to supply protection after which switches to Klee to set up her elemental burst. In this case, it's alright for Klee to become eliminated so long as she can get her elemental burst off. Once Klee has utilized her elemental burst, either Mona or Fatui Pyro Agent uses their elemental burst to 1 shot the opponent’s current active character. In the following rounds, Mona and Fatui Pyro Agent can carry when’s damage because the status applied by Klee’s elemental burst, Sparks ‘n’ Splash doesn't go away even when she gets eliminated.

    When it comes down to alternative character card options, Mona could be replaced by Xingqiu even though this makes when more susceptible to interruption considering this variant from the deck mandates that Klee stays alive. This is because she'll serve as the primary driver from the deck. Compared to the Mona variant, this is harder to pilot against decks that interrupt setup decks for example Overload decks. On another hand, Fatui Pyro Agent could be replaced by Bennett if the player feels the deck requires a healer option. However, replacing Fatui Pyro Agent with Bennett makes when slower as Bennett just cannot supply the same amount of damage that Fatui Pyro Agent can. Because of this, using Bennett will even reduce the kill pressure applied for the opponent as Bennett doesn't provide because a threatening presence as Fatui Pyro Agent. However, Bennett does provide lots of utility when it comes to buffing the harm dealt by other characters in addition to topping in the current active characters.

    Because when is very aggressive when it comes down to its play style, when has multiple methods to open based on what deck the opponent is running and what action cards the ball player opens.

    The first opening play utilizes the synergy between Mona and Klee and also the easy damage they can provide using their cheap skills. The play begins with choosing Mona because the starting active character. The required action cards at hand would be action card pairs for example Elemental Resonance: Woven Flames or Changing Shifts and The Bestest Travel Companion! or Toss-Up. These action cards would help ramp up elemental dice or fix the present draw elemental dice. With this, the road of play could be to use Mona’s Elemental Skill and then change to Klee afterward. Klee will use her Elemental skill to ensure that she may use a Charged Attack the following turn. The usage of action cards is entirely dependent on the ball player as the smoothness cards would be the ones that play a significant role within this play. Generally, when done properly, this will allow for 2 vaporize reactions to visit off and easily burn down an opponent’s current active character card. However, in certain games, this can be difficult to visit as some players have experienced this play one a lot of times and also have countermeasures against it. Because of that, it's advised to become cautious when utilizing this opening.

    Another possible opening that could be used happens when going against a Xingqiu setup deck. Considering how prevalent Xingqiu is really as a setup card, this opening could be generally accustomed to immediately counter them and cripple their setup. For this opening, Fatui Pyro Agent is the starting active character card. This is because Xingqiu generally applies a hydro to themselves when utilizing their skill and Fatui Pyro Agent aims to capitalize from that. The action cards that need to be opened with are Elemental Resonance: Woven Flames, The Bestest Travel Companion! or Toss-Up, and either Liu Siu or Adeptus’ Temptation. The line of play with this opening could be to use Fatui Pyro Agent’s Normal Attack which is then either another Normal Attack or his elemental skill. This will generally fill his energy and permit him to make use of his elemental burst on the very first turn and deal massive damage for the opponent’s Xingqiu which can make their set even harder to complete.

    There are also possible setups this deck can perform however, thinking about the state from the meta, both of these are generally the most famous openers as they are usually the stronger routes. However, do take into consideration that opponents are because of counter these openers considering how prevalent this deck currently is considering that it's currently one of the best decks in the sport.